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We are on a mission to genuinely change the development world. We want to do it right and with the right people. Culture is a key aspect of working at Sonar. It is our binding agent; it is what we value, what we believe in, the way we work, and the way we interact. It is what makes us SonarSourcers!

Where did our culture come from?

It all started in 2008 with three dev guys and a project. While they worked tirelessly to develop a revolutionary product for their peers, they were also explicit about how they wanted to grow as a company. From the very beginning, they agreed they wanted a strong culture to guide their work and interaction. They wanted everyone at Sonar to have an opportunity to impact the company. Each employee has a clear role in the organization, with set expectations and communication channels. 

Our vision is to have every developer and development team use our products to achieve a state of Clean Code. The founders believed that building a great place to work with a strong culture would help achieve this goal while fostering happiness and performance at work. Today, we believe in people and work hard to ensure SonarSourcers feel empowered and fulfilled. We want Sonar to be a human enterprise.

What is Sonar’s culture?

At Sonar, we believe in people, excellence, and delivery. We are a team-based organization. Our minimal hierarchical structure allows teams to be autonomous, self-organized, mission-driven, cohesive, and perform in a healthy environment.

Our success comes from the sum of all of us, we remain open-minded to others’ views, and we embrace diversity because we see it as a strength. We achieve the highest standards; we go the extra mile, challenge the status quo; we take responsibility for our actions and decisions, and we take accountability for problems. We recognize our limitations so we can constantly improve.

Our core values

Our core values reflect our unique culture. We expect them to help shape and positively strengthen our organization. 

Smarter Together: We believe that no one is as smart as all of us working as one. We embrace the power of collective intelligence and diversity because we see it as a strength. We trust each other, listen first, communicate frankly, and deliver candid feedback. We consider every SonarSourcer co-responsible for decisions and relations with others. We always try to have high-quality, equal relationships regardless of tenure, age, origin, and position. SonarSourcers can be their true self.

Excellence: We go the extra mile and always strive for the highest standards; we solve problems by digging into their roots and understanding the big picture. We continuously challenge the status quo and try to better ourselves. We do not intend to preserve our culture - we seek to improve it.

Innovation: We dream without limits about where we want to go and readily take risks to achieve our dreams. We think outside of the box to come up with new ideas and develop solutions to hard problems. We believe that simple solutions can solve problems. Our team-based organization and various collective intelligence tools help support innovation.

Delivery: We want to consistently deliver excellent products and services to our users, customers, and colleagues. We set challenging objectives to transform great ideas into concrete achievements. We believe in taking incremental baby steps, establishing clear timeboxes, getting feedback to deliver often, and continuous improvement.

To ensure that our values positively impact how we work and interact, we have processes, practices, and tools; some derived from the Agile methodology and some home-brewed at Sonar. We also have a People and Culture team that keeps SonarSourcers aligned and fully equipped to be involved and contribute to our culture.

How does our culture grow?

Just as a party, our culture is unique. The more people who join in, the more our party will change. We adjust and adapt while keeping the heart of the party going. We embrace the idea that our culture will evolve as we welcome more people into our organization. All SonarSourcers are active members of our culture, and it is our responsibility to keep it alive and to contribute to it while also protecting its core values. Our culture is how we have an impact and how we relate to one another. It is who we are.

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