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Product portals open: we want your input

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G. Ann Campbell

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Sonar was born from open source software and most of what we do remains FLOSS, so openness and transparency have always been fundamental principles. With a recent change in how we approach product management, we've gone even further.

We've recently opened up product portals on Productboard. You'll find them for SonarQube, SonarCloud and SonarLint. Each one shows the features we're currently working on, the ones we've released recently and the ones we're planning. 

For each product you'll see also one more tab: Under Consideration. This is the tab that holds the features we're considering for each product, but aren't sure about yet. For some, we've decided we'll do some work in that area, but not what the details should be. For others, we're not even sure whether to do any work. For those, we need your input. 

Click on any portal card and at the bottom you'll see three voting options: Nice-to-have, Important, Critical. Once you've voted, you'll have a chance to give us details. And we need those details to help us shape what we'll build. We will be reading your comments on Under Consideration features. So please, vote, and share your use cases with us. We want your help.