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CNCF Silver membership

Jonathan Vila

Jonathan Vila

Developer Advocate - Java


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Sonar has become a Silver member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), helping to build and shape the future cloud-native ecosystem. The CNCF is a Linux Foundation project that hosts a number of efforts and initiatives to serve the cloud-native community.

Being a Silver member of the CNCF is important for us as we maintain the open-source project SonarQube and collaborate with the cloud-native community. CNCF is a community of more than 55,000 members and 156 projects supporting the evolution of the cloud-native ecosystem.

Open-source communities are a key pillar for projects to improve, to obtain constructive feedback from their users, and to establish transparency that will allow users to feel confident about their usage of them. And that's very important to Sonar in the definition of its products, ensuring the SonarQube community edition is completely free and open-source.

SonarQube provides confidence to the cloud-native developer analyzing popular cloud technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, CloudFormation, or Terraform, which ensures the infrastructure layer is as clean and secure as the source code.

Check this link to discover more about the cloud-native capabilities of SonarQube.