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SonarCloud offers a one-click automatic analysis of C and C++ projects hosted on GitHub. Zero configuration. Free for open-source projects.

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introducing automatic analysis

Analyze your C and C++ projects hosted on GitHub in SonarCloud with just one click, no other configuration necessary! For any compiler, and free for open-source projects, this new SonarCloud feature enables fast and efficient access to insights such as coding issues that lead to bugs, vulnerabilities, and code smells.

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easy, hassle-free analysis


Your C and C++ automatic analysis comes with a one-click setup, and zero configuration, removing all complexity. SonarCloud seamlessly integrates with GitHub.


Forget about the complexity and hassle of a manual setup - with SonarCloud’s automatic analysis you can quickly onboard your C and C++ projects and start analyzing in seconds!


Always free for open-source projects. For your private repositories, a no-commitment, 14-day trial of SonarCloud is available completely free. No need to speak with a sales rep or request a license key! 

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no, C++ static analysis does not have to be painful

C and C++ static analysis does not need to mean difficult configuration and pain.  We explain how Sonar has made the impossible possible with one-click analysis for projects hosted in GitHub. A free automatic analysis of C and C++ projects.

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your passion is C++, our passion is Clean Code

Sonar static analysis helps you build and maintain high-quality C++ code. Regardless of build system, standard or version, Sonar elevates your coding game while keeping vulnerabilities at bay.

Sonar's C++ Coverage
Bug Dection in C++ code
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