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Sonar Reaffirms Strength of its Information Security Management Systems by Earning The Latest ISO Certification, ISO27001:2022

Andrea Malagodi CTO

Andrea Malagodi



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At Sonar, we believe that adhering to the highest quality and security standards shouldn't just be rooted in finding problems once they’ve already occurred, but should also be about preventing problems in the first place. Of course, this is at the core of our Clean Code mission, but it also extends to the way we operate our information security team internally. Our security team works diligently to make the prevention of cyber events and the reduction of risk a top priority. Most recently, this commitment has been demonstrated by our certification to the ISO27001:2022 standard.

As part of our continuously advancing and improving security practice, we are pleased to announce that Sonar and its products are now certified to the latest version of the ISO72001 standard. Version 2022 is designed to address the evolving information security and cybersecurity landscape and includes new controls for areas such as Threat Intelligence and Information security for the use of cloud services. Plus we are particularly pleased to see a stronger focus on Secure coding. 

As the digital landscape continues to expand, so too do we have to expand the systems that we have set up to safeguard the data we collect, store, and manage, and increasingly so. Especially as the adoption of AI continues to increase in a number of ways, from content gen and synthesis, to chat and customer service, and more. Every industry is evolving, quickly, and more and more customers are moving through different channels that can possibly put sensitive information in harm's way. This is why our internal security team and overall company, which values quality and security, are excited to be certified with the ISO27001:2022 standard, giving our customers confidence in our security measures to protect and defend their data.  

Certification ISO 27001:2022 doesn’t just recognize our ISMS efforts, it reflects our values — transparency and continuous improvement to support our community and make tomorrow's innovations possible. Completing the rigorous certification also reflects our proactivity to maintain security and prevent risk.

To meet your Vendor Management requirements, the latest certificates can be downloaded from our Trust Center.

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