Continuous Inspection

Developer Cockpit

The Developer Cockpit plugin enables each developer to identify their individual contributions to a project and fosters best practices in code quality self-management.
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  • Framework for code quality self-management
  • Individual technical dashboards and metrics for developers
  • Developer drilldowns, differential views, Time Machine, hotspots and clouds


More versions
Developer Cockpit 1.14 – Oct 13, 2016 – SonarQube 6.1+
Compatibility with SonarQube 6.1
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The Developer Cockpit plugin fully engages each developer in the quality management process by allowing them to identify their individual contribution. Metrics can be obtained by project as well as by developer, and the plugin includes support for key SonarQube platform features and services on a per-developer basis. These include a technical dashboard with information on lines of code, coverage and duplication, drilldowns, differential views, the Time Machine, hotspots and clouds. New developer widgets are available to show who has the best coverage in the project, who owns the highest number of lines of code, and so on.

By adding a bottom-up approach towards continuous inspection, the Developer Cockpit plugin empowers developers to monitor how they help to resolve code quality issues. Thus, it raises adoption of the SonarQube platform among development teams and fosters best practices in code quality self-management.


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