Deliver Clean and Safe Code for your Python Applications

Learn how static code analysis tools have helped the Python community identify (and fix) bugs and vulnerabilities in some prominent open source Python projects.

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cognitive complexity white paper

With the rapid growth of Python applications spanning new and innovative use cases, there is mounting pressure on development teams to meet deadlines and deliver projects on schedule – oftentimes, leaving code reliability, maintainability, and security on the back burner. Thankfully there are many tools on the market that can assist Python users.

cognitive complexity white paper

With the common objective to catch issues earlier in the development process (shift left approach), teams are often interested in new and advanced tools to see if they fit well in their workflow, are intuitive enough, and help them achieve this objective. Thankfully there are many tools and workflows that can assist Pythons users.

Download this free success story as Kirti Joshi and Nicolas Bontoux of SonarSource use these static analysis tools to identify any gaping holes and vulnerabilities in a few high visibility open source Python projects.

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