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Issue 23 - Q3 2017

Fall is here and it’s time to look at what was accomplished in Q3! We continued our effort to improve code analyzer accuracy, and grew the family with 2 new babies: SonarTS and SonarTSQL. In the meantime we launched our first round of City Tour stops in Europe and it has been a real pleasure to meet many of you.


The summer saw the release of SonarQube 6.5 which brought more usable project measure history charts and significant changes in the management of built-in quality profiles.


  • IntelliJ IDEA: Numerous new rules, New server connection wizard, stop saving files before analysis.
  • Eclipse: Numerous new rules for Java, JavaScript and Python.
  • Visual Studio: Support for C/C++, 40 new rules and dataflow analysis in SonarC#.
  • VSCode: rule descriptions in VSCode, new rules for JavaScript.

Code Analyzers

  • SonarJava: support for Java 9, 23 new rules and highlighting of exception paths when reporting issues.
  • SonarCFamily for C/C++: Performance improvements, advanced issue reporting using dataflow analysis.
  • New code analyzers: SonarTS with 67 rules already, and SonarTSQL with 49 rules.

Team is Growing

A warm welcome to 5 new SonarSourcers:

  • John Babers and Rajesh Sankar joined the Sales team
  • Julien Boucher joined the Marketing team
  • Duncan Pocklington joined the DotNET team
  • Nathalie Ogier is our new People and Culture gardener

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SonarSource City Tour 2017 kicked off in Q3 with first stops in Paris, London and Frankfurt. The team continued to spread the word at 6 developer events: DevOps for IBM Z, LondonJS, MunichJS, Jenkins World, AmsterdamJS and JUG Summer Camp in Paris.

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