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Issue 22 - Q2 2017

The past 3 months have been prolific in the ecosystem with new features on SonarQube, more IDE supported in SonarLint, better integration and more accuracy of our code analyzers.


Two new versions have been released, SonarQube 6.3 and 6.4. They bring significant new features and improvements including a “Projects” page offering new filters, an intuitive global search, SonarPHP, SonarPython and SonarFlex embedded by default, and an easy navigation among multiple issue locations.

We have also launched our highly-demanded SaaS version of SonarQube: SonarCloud.


Big news for SonarLint, the family of IDEs supported is growing with 3 new additions: Visual Studio Code, Atom and IDz for mainframe.

On top of this, we have also added new features:

  • IntelliJ IDEA: 10 new rules added to SonarJava, SonarJS and SonarPHP.
  • Eclipse: 7 new rules added to SonarJava, SonarJS, and SonarPHP.
  • Visual Studio: 70 new rules added to SonarC#, support of JavaScript.

Code Analyzers

All analyzers are going through an exercise codenamed “Kill The Noise!”.

Team Is Growing

A warm welcome to 3 new joiners:

  • Tristan Renaud joined as VP Sales
  • Michal Barczyk joined the DotNET team
  • Michal Budzowski joined the Support team

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The team flew by 10+ cities across Europe and the US to spread the word on SonarJava, SonarJS, Cognitive Complexity and our integration with the DevOps toolchain.

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