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Issue 20 - Q4 2016

The last quarter of 2016 was rewarding, and lots of key features were announced together with the launch of the new SonarSource website to better explain our unique approach to continuous code quality.

On top of that, we ended the year with important company news: we received a $45 million USD minority investment from Insight Venture partners to accelerate our growth.

Last but not least we wish you all a happy new year with SonarSource!


The SonarQube team is proud to have released SonarQube 6.1, which brings an improved interface and the first steps toward clustering. We also released a new web site for SonarQube. The previous refresh was 6 years ago!

Simultaneously, sonarqube.com is improving with now more than 1,000 open source projects analyzed.


SonarLint has lots of new features in all 3 IDEs, with 7 releases in Q4 bringing improvements to the connected mode, the ability to analyze C/C++ projects in Eclipse, analysis of files changed since last commit…

More on SonarLint

Plugin Releases

  • SonarC++ 4.3: activation of a path-sensitive dataflow engine, 23 new rules.
  • SonarJS 2.17, 2.18: 12 new rules.
  • SonarJava 4.3: Cross-procedural dataflow analysis, 6 new rules.
  • SonarC# 5.4, 5.5: new features and improvements.
  • SonarVB 3.0: new features and improvements.

Team is growing

SonarSource is pleased to welcome 6 new SonarSourcers:

  • Christel Warin joins the team as Executive assistant & Office Manager
  • Amaury Levé and Valeri Hristov are the newest additions to the .Net team
  • Tibor Blenessy is the newest addition to the Java team
  • Jean-Baptiste Lièvremont joins the internal tooling team
  • Cameron Schmidt joins the technical presales team

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3 cities were visited as part of the SonarSource City Tour: Madrid, Amsterdam and Santa Clara, and we had a presence at EclipseCon Europe and Agile Turkey Summit.

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