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Issue 19 - Q3 2016

Last summer has been fruitful and Q3 saw many new announcements including the birth of the new 6.x series of SonarQube, along with numerous rules and improvements in SonarLint and the various languages available. 7 new SonarSourcers joined in Q3, a warm welcome to all of them!

SonarQube 6.0

Last summer saw the launch of the new 6.x series with the release of SonarQube 6.0 mid-august. The main focus was put on the support of file renaming, and a better UI for admins at every level. The 6.0 comes together with the following new features:

  • File move/rename tracking
  • Redesigned Quality Profile space
  • “My Projects” page
  • Redesigned Permissions UI

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The SonarLint team has been busy this quarter with the releases of Sonarlint for Eclipse 2.2, SonarLint for IntelliJ 2.3 introducing the support of exclusions in connected mode and 4 new versions for SonarLint for Visual Studio, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 which provide numerous new rules and improvements.

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Plugin Releases

  • Governance 1.1: improvement of the pdf report
  • Java: 3 releases including 13 new and improvements
  • JavaScript: 2 releases with new rules and improvements
  • C/C++/Objective C: 2 new releases with 30 new rules added

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Team is growing

SonarSource is pleased to welcome:

  • Bartosz Zieterski, Steven Macri and Elizabeth Webster join the Sales team
  • Jean-Christophe Collet joins the Product Management team
  • Janos Gyerik is the newest addition to the Scanner Team
  • Thibaud Eberwein joins the Marketing team as Designer

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SonarSource is sponsoring and speaking at conferences around the world. We have recently participated in GenevaJUG, SonarSource City Tour 2016 in Paris and Madrid, Toulouse Jug Meetup, Jug Summer Camp in La Rochelle.

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