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Issue 18 - Q2 2016

SonarSource City Tour 2016 kicked off in Q2 and it has been a real pleasure to meet many of you in Europe as well as in the US. We keep touring in Q3, look us up! We are also excited for the release of the new LTS version of SonarQube as well as our new Governance product, which offers the solution to organize and manage a portfolio of projects and make informed decisions based on releasability, maintainability, reliability and security. More below!

SonarQube 5.5

This new version introduces the SonarQube Quality Model with 3 characteristics based on issue types:

  • Reliability, based on bugs
  • Security, based on security vulnerabilities
  • Maintainability, based on code smells

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SonarQube 5.6, LTS

The new LTS version is here and we could not be more pleased! The new version wraps together all the new features developed during the 5.x series:

  • The leak concept
  • SonarQube Quality Model
  • Increased scalability and security
  • Ability to use the new Governance product
  • and many more

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Governance Product

We are very pleased to announce the release of the Governance product version 1.0. It comes as part of our Enterprise Edition and provides the features to gear-up SonarQube from team-grade deployment Team Grade Deployment to enterprise-grade deployment, with the following main features:

  • Project portfolio management
  • Governance Dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Analysis model configuration
  • Moving projects across instances of SonarQube project history

Plugin Releases

  • SonarLint for Visual Studio: 18 new rules
  • SonarLint for IntelliJ: connected mode, new rules, support for React JSX and commercial plugins in connected mode
  • SonarLint for Eclipse: support for commercial plugins in connected mode
  • Java: 11 new rules, improvements to Java 8 source code analysis
  • C/C++/Objective-C: 24 new rules, new powerful symbolic execution engine, path-sensitive data flow analysis
  • C#: 15 new rules, support of xUnit reports
  • Cobol: 5 new rules
  • Javascript: new rules, full support of React JSX, path-sensitive data flow analysis, precise issue highlighting

Welcome to Our New Colleagues

SonarSource is pleased to welcome:

  • Christophe Lévis joins the product management team
  • David Rautureau joins us as a CI engineer
  • Yves Dubois-Pèlerin is the newest addition to our language team

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SonarSource is sponsoring and speaking at conferences around the world. We have recently participated in:

  • The first six meetings of the City Tour 2016: between May 26 and June 16 in London (UK), Dallas (US), Washington (US), Boston (US), New York (US) and Frankfurt (DE). Stay tuned for more!
  • Mix-IT: 21 – 22 April 2016 in Lyon (FR)
  • Devoxx France: 20 – 22 April 2016 in Paris (FR)

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