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Issue 13 - Q1 2015

The beginning of 2015 saw the release of SonarQube 5.0, which comes with a brand new issues page as well as SCM information built-in support. We also accelerated on the development of bug detection in Java, Javascript, Cobol, C, C++ and Objective-C.

SonarQube 5.0

SonarQube 5.0 was released in January and is available for download. The new features include:

  • New issues page designed to work efficiently on issues on a daily basis
  • SCM information built-in support, with native integration for Git and SVN

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And if you want to see SonarQube in action, a few spots have opened up for our user conference in Santa Clara, California, on April 27th!

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Product Releases

  • Views: UI improvements Read More
  • Cobol: rules tagging and powerful rules to detect incorrect conditional statements Read More
  • C/C++/Objective-C: new rules targeting MISRA-C standard, Visual Studio coverage support Read More
  • Javascript: rule tags and new bug-fixing rules Read More
  • Java: new rules for bug and multi-threading issues detection Read More
  • PL/SQL: better memory management for big projects, support for PL/SQL conditional compilation directive ($IF … $END) and support for rule tagging Read More

Welcome to Our New Colleagues

SonarSource is pleased to welcome:

  • Michael Gumowski joins the language team as a developer
  • Muriel Tschamber is an addition to our team of sales assistants
  • Tamas Vajk is a new developer in the language team
  • Sebastien Lesaint joins the platform team as a developer

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SonarSource is sponsoring and speaking at conferences around the world. We recently participated in:

  • Devoxx France : 8-10 April 2015 in Paris, France
  • Software Quality Days : 20-22 January 2015 in Vienna, Austria

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