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Amadeus EDS invests in the future with professional services and automated enterprise - grade code quality management

Amadeus Enterprise Digital Services (EDS) is a shared business unit within Amadeus, one of the world’s leading providers of technology solutions for travel industry. Amadeus is responsible for providing integrated IT services and solutions and specialized technical consulting within Amadeus. Its projects and responsibilities span multiple departments and business functions, including Human Resources, Finance and commercial organizations.

EDS currently manages and maintains more than 4 million lines of code in 8 programming languages including ABAP, Java, C/C++, C#, Python, JavaScript, XML and Web. With almost 100 projects in production within the company and a distributed team of 100+ developers, code quality management is of utmost importance to ensure reliable, effective service delivery.  

Manual code reviews and reporting were a major bottleneck for Amadeus EDS

Software quality reporting was always considered extremely important, to assess application health and pinpoint which ones were at risk and needed immediate attention. But before 2013, code reviews were handled manually. Reports were generated using screenshots, metrics were manually copied and consolidated, and final reports were placed in a shared directory for monthly review by management.

This approach had numerous drawbacks: creating the reports was a time-consuming task; there was a significant lag between code review and correction; and it was difficult to scale up code reviews to meet growing project needs.

In 2013, it became clear that its rapidly growing project portfolio would need to be supported with a holistic code quality strategy that would work across programming languages and global teams. Integration with the Amadeus EDS DevOps system was also a key requirement, so that code could be reviewed continuously throughout the development process. The “Metrics & Performance Services“ team therefore began a search for a modern, sophisticated tool with mature reporting capabilities and support for automated, continuous code review.  

Amadeus chose SonarSource Enterprise Edition to address its code quality needs

As a long-time SonarQube user, EDS was already familiar with its capabilities and decided to transition to Enterprise Edition to better address the challenges it faced. Key features such as advanced support, project consolidation and governance, and greater coverage of programming languages, were important factors contributing to this decision.

As an Enterprise Edition customer, the greatest benefit was the access to professional services from the technical experts at SonarSource. As part of the included on-site training, the team performed an installation and configuration review of Amadeus EDS infrastructure and hardware, and identified the changes needed for SonarQube to perform optimally.

EDS division also gained access to the governance features of the tool. With this, it was not only able to better organize its project portfolio, but it had a central location to assess project status, adjust code analysis rules, and automate reporting to fulfil management needs.

“What made the difference was the responsiveness and professionalism of the support team which was always available to provide guidance and bring SonarQube deployment to an enterprise-grade level. They have helped us industrialize our approach to code quality and helped the team to improve their usage of SonarQube.” – Jean-Pascal Doucet, Manager Metrics & Performances Services, Amadeus EDS.  

A central dashboard and KPIs allow managers and developers to coordinate efforts on quality control

Today, the “Metrics & Performance Services” team operates 3 instances of the product analysing 4 million Lines of code on regular basis. It has successfully embraced SonarSource’s best practices for code quality and now benefits from automated, seamless and ongoing code quality review across multiple programming languages and teams.

SonarQube’s extensibility has allowed the team to develop custom rule sets for business-specific use cases. Even more importantly, all of Amadeus EDS projects have been consolidated into a central dashboard, thereby giving project managers and developers access to comprehensive and unified code quality metrics. As a result, code quality are highlighted quicker than ever before and the long feedback loop seen previously has been almost completely eliminated. The net result of all these changes is better code.

The “Metrics & Performance Services” team has also been able to configure and define KPI’s to focus on. By highlighting the most important metrics for code quality, rather than the previous “scattergun” approach which provided a mass of metrics without proper context, this approach has made it easier (and more interesting) for developers and managers to work together to understand and resolve quality issues.

Recently new dashboards, focused on security aspects, have been integrated, based on security rules, to reinforce the message of being secured by design.

In collaboration with the SonarSource’s team of experts, the “Metrics & Performance Services” team has just started to improve its reporting mechanism, replacing the previous manual process with an automated system that used the SonarQube APIs for data extraction and conversion into reporting templates.

In future, Amadeus EDS will continue to leverage its investment in SonarSource Enterprise Edition by using SonarLint to review C# code directly in Visual Studio for continuous development checks, improving and increasing code security coverage for ABAP projects, and adding more automation throughout the process for better and more timely reporting.

“SonarSource’s professional services helped us to increase the quality of our code metrics platform production instances. Based on their recommendations, we have decided to redesign our infrastructure in the coming weeks. A big thank you to the team for their kindness, professional behaviour and great interactivity.” – Jean-Pascal Doucet, Manager Metrics & Performances Services, Amadeus EDS.    

Business Benefits of the Enterprise Edition for Amadeus EDS

  • Installation and configuration review
  • Professional support and advisory services
  • Centralized governance dashboard
  • Support for additional programming languages
  • Comprehensive code quality metrics and KPIs
  • Automated reporting and integration with DevOps

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