Code Analyzer - C# Developer

If you consider the job of a developer as one of the most exciting jobs on earth and are looking to work for a company fully coupled with software development, you should continue reading about the opportunity we are offering.

At SonarSource, we have developed source code analyzers for most of the known mainstream or legacy languages such as C/C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, COBOL, PL/SQL… All those analyzers are based on our full analyzing stack and do not rely on external third party tools. But for the .Net ecosystem we’re initiating a move on the Microsoft Roslyn compiler platform. The goal is both to provide a strong integration with the Visual Studio platform and to benefit from the power of such technology.

If you are motivated to face the ultimate challenge to develop a cutting-edge coding rule and bug detection engine based on Roslyn technology, this is time to apply and to join a team passionate about software development.


  • Being convinced by agile practices and principles
  • Looking for a 100% development job
  • Being a C# guru
  • Deep knowledge of Visual Studio
  • Good knowledge of compiler front-ends behaviour
  • Wanting to have fun

We can consider remote workers and support relocation on a case by case basis.

When you choose a job, you choose a culture…

At SonarSource we believe in people, excellence and delivery. We operate as a group with minimal hierarchy, our success comes from the sum of all of us, we remain open minded to others’ views and we embrace diversity because we see it as a strength. We achieve the highest standards; we go the extra mile and challenge the status quo; we take responsibility for actions and decisions and we take accountability for problems. We recognise our limitations so we can constantly improve. As a SonarSourcer, you make it happen. You receive no order to follow: you choose your battles, take risks, innovate and lead change in baby steps.

If this sounds like you, apply now!

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Geneva (Switzerland) or in La Roche-sur-Foron (France)

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