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Sonar is the Clean Code solution for your DevOps workflow

Liz Ryan

Product Marketing Manager


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The number of developers worldwide is projected to reach 27.7 million in 2023. Take these 27.7 million individuals, and let's say, for example, they each write ten lines of code daily. That's 277 million lines of code written every day. This continuous development machine is moving faster than ever, which means your DevOps workflow is working overtime to ensure that your piece of the 277 million is pushed smoothly to production without issue. 

As the number of developers and lines of code multiplies, the space for issues to fall through the cracks is growing. Pressure to deliver is at an all-time high, and sacrificing quality in the name of new features has become a familiar topic of conversation. Developer productivity remains the focus, while technical debt is overlooked. This strategy may suffice in the short term but is not a long-term solution. Bad code and poor quality create fragility and risk in your codebase and ultimately leave your developer team members feeling defeated if they’re forced to keep their focus on fixing mistakes.

So how can you course correct? How can you rid yourself of bad code, optimize your DevOps workflow, increase developer productivity and delivery velocity, and support developer satisfaction? While it may seem like a daunting task, developers need the right tools, time, and processes embedded into their DevOps workflow to perform at their peak, overcome bad code, and create software that has lasting value.

Clean Code aims to derive value from your DevOps workflow

If you're wondering what Clean Code is, it's when a codebase reaches a problem-free state where all code is fit for development and fit for production. Clean Code encompasses coding best practices that are universally understood and implemented across the organization. It encourages developers to write consistent code that's of the highest quality. Clean Code ensures that the bad code and poor quality practices from the past are gone and that your DevOps workflow is working better than ever before.

Clean Code aims to solve several challenges encountered during the coding process:

  • Maintainability: Clean Code ensures that code is easy to read, understand, and modify. This makes maintenance more efficient and less error-prone.
  • Scalability: Clean Code aims to produce code that can be easily scaled up or down to meet changing requirements and delivery demands. 
  • Collaboration: When all developers use consistent Clean Code practices, they can work more collaboratively on the same codebase and increase productivity.
  • Debugging: Clean Code makes it easier to debug errors because there is less inconsistency, and code is more extensible, making it easier to pinpoint faults.

Overall, Clean Code aims to streamline your DevOps workflow so that your organization can yield the best possible results from your software.

Sonar is setting the standard for Clean Code

Sonar is the solution for developers and teams to achieve a Clean Code state in your codebase through systematic development and delivery. When Sonar seamlessly integrates into your DevOps workflow, you can: 

  • Reduce risk exposure: Flag security issues early in the development workflow before they become problematic. You can also monitor these issues with Sonar’s enterprise reporting, security and regulatory compliance (OWASP Top 10, CWE Top 25, SANS Top 25) reporting, and executive portfolios.
  • Sustain software performance: Your software stays operable when running on Clean Code that's easy to understand, review, repair, and enhance. Sonar supplies vertical and horizontal scalability that supports high availability and redundancy. 
  • Achieve more innovation, less rework: Ensure you’re only merging quality code with the unique Clean as You Code methodology. This remediates old issues while writing new code without dedicating time and money to technical debt. 
  • Attract and retain top developer talent: Let developers flex their expertise on their code and focus on new projects. Sonar enables developers to apply Clean Code standards by proactively flagging issues and helping them understand and fix them without leaving their coding flow.

Sonar stays with you from IDE with our free extension, SonarLint, to CI/CD, whether you're on-premise with SonarQube or in the cloud with SonarCloud.

While you code, SonarLint acts like a spell checker. It proactively detects coding issues and performs on-the-fly analysis to detect common mistakes, bugs, and security vulnerabilities, while teaching you clean coding practices as you write code.

When it's time to merge, SonarQube and SonarCloud will provide your team instant pull request feedback. By detecting problems early in the development workflow, issues are never added to your codebase thanks to a clear go/no-go Clean as You Code-compliant quality gate that blocks the merge whenever code doesn't meet your defined requirements.

Clean Code starts today with Clean as You Code

Achieving a Clean Code state may initially sound overwhelming, but Sonar makes it simple and effective with Clean as You Code. Clean as You Code is a methodology that enables developers and organizations to optimize the quality of their codebase by focusing solely on added or changed code. This approach progressively improves the overall quality of the entire codebase with minimal cost and effort. Developers can dedicate less time to technical debt and rework and spend more time on accelerating new features and delivery.

The Clean as You Code methodology can be leveraged across any organization and integrated into any DevOps workflow regardless of software maturity, level of developer experience, and internal complexity. By creating consistent coding standards with prescribed quality gates, developers can keep their future code clean, regardless of language or platform, project age or size, or existing code complexity. 

Of the millions of lines of code written every day, ensure that yours are the ones of the highest quality. With the power of Clean Code in your corner, you reduce risks, save time and money, increase developer productivity and confidence, and sustain the life of your software.

Join millions of developers and hundreds of thousands of organizations in making their code an asset with Clean Code from Sonar.