Continuous Inspection


Learn to use SonarSource products for in-depth analysis and quality management across your enterprise software portfolio.

SonarSource provides on-site training sessions for all SonarSource customers. Regardless of whether you’ve just started using the SonarQube platform, or if you simply need a custom workshop to address specific knowledge gaps, a training session directly from SonarSource’s experts is the perfect way to keep your team enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Training is conducted by our SonarSource experts, who are well-versed in all aspects of the SonarQube platform deployment, usage and troubleshooting. They will transfer key technical skills and in-depth knowledge to your team to ensure that your deployment of SonarSource is as painless as possible and generates the highest possible Return on Investment for your enterprise.

Standard Training

Our standard training sessions cover most important aspects of using the SonarQube platform and are available at a fixed price in the Professional and Enterprise editions.

Administration training We will train your team on technical and functional administration of the application. This will enable them to run and maintain the application independently and provide the right level of support to development teams. For example, we will cover customization, integration with the existing infrastructure, security management, quality profiles, documentation, and support. € 1,500
Developer training We will train your team on how to use SonarSource products to keep technical debt under control during software development iterations. € 1,500
Manager training We will train your managers on how to use SonarSource products to monitor the quality of the code produced by their teams and provide support for decision making. € 2,500
Extending the SonarQube platform to meet specific needs We will train your team regarding the various plugins that can be added to SonarSource products to fit specific needs. Examples including adding new checks, metrics, or reports. € 8,500

Training can be delivered on-site or off-site. Travel expenses are not included.

Custom Training

The standard training sessions can be customized for both operational and managerial roles, and can be designed keeping in mind customer-specific needs and requirements. Please ask us for a quote.