Continuous Inspection


Extend and enhance your SonarSource deployment to address custom requirements and use cases.

SonarSource editions are extensible to allow the addition of new features. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced or new user of the SonarQube platform, enhancing your deployment with custom features is a great way to add value and support your team.

Development Scenarios

Should you wish to customize your SonarSource deployment, our experts can work with you to analyze your requirements and perform custom development to realize your business vision and goals.

Some sample use cases for this capability include:

  • Collecting and injecting third-party metrics into the SonarQube platform
  • Compiling custom advanced metrics within the SonarQube platform
  • Developing new coding rules (Java, Cobol, PL/SQL…)
  • Adding new features and influencing the roadmap
  • Adding support for analysis of new languages

SonarSource’s developers share a set of common agile practices and values to deliver quality applications on time and offer the highest level of transparency to customers.

Please contact us for a customized proposal and quote.