Continuous Inspection


Leverage the expertise of our consultants to align the functionality of SonarSource products with your business processes, thus minimizing risk and maximizing return on your investment.

SonarSource’s experienced consultants combine deep expertise on the SonarQube platform with broad awareness of software development challenges. They have the skills and knowledge to ensure that you maximize the return on your investment in SonarSource products and gain the maximum benefit from your SonarQube platform deployment.

Standard Consulting Engagements

All our consultancy services (but Proof of Concept) are available at a fixed price in the Professional and Enterprise editions.

Proof of Concept In this engagement, we will provide support for a proof of concept to quickly set a SonarQube platform, get a deep understanding of the SonarQube platform and demonstrate the added value of the product. According to the needs and expectations, our experienced consultants can provide support on-site or off-site on both technical and functional matters. Contact us
Installation and configuration In this engagement, we will provide support in choosing the right infrastructure, installing the application, configuring it to fit your needs and running your first quality inspections. If you already have a SonarQube platform running, we can review its installation and configuration. € 2,000
Applications on-boarding
In this engagement, we will provide support to on-board your application into a Continuous Inspection process. This will cover various types of applications and technologies. € 1,500
Teams on-boarding In this engagement, we will discuss why code quality matters, the concepts of Continuous Inspection and how to implement it with SonarSource products.  This session will be part-presentation, part-demonstration. € 2,500
Executives on-boarding In this engagement, we will discuss with your company’s executives the concepts of Continuous Inspection, its benefits, the management buy-in required to succeed and the return on investment. € 3,500
Continuous inspection strategy In this engagement, we will support you with defining your requirements as well as with the level of commitment you will make to quality improvement within your organization. Based on the current state of your applications, we will then establish a process and a roadmap and provide support to reach those objectives. € 7,500
Quality gate for outsourcing In this engagement, we will support the definition and implementation of a contractualization strategy with your outsourcing / offshoring vendors. € 5,000

Consulting can be delivered on-site or off-site. Travel expenses are not included.

Custom Consulting Engagements

We can design custom consulting engagements keeping in mind customer-specific needs and requirements. Examples include measuring the level of risk carried by your testing strategy, finding dead code in production, integration with your company’s SSO system, and more. Please ask us for a quote.