Continuous Inspection

Offshoring / Outsourcing

SonarSource products provide a solution for businesses to contractually manage and enforce the quality of software developed under offshoring or outsourcing arrangements.


Outsourcing software development to third-party vendors or partners is often a challenge for medium and large enterprises. Typically, these software factories are located in distant countries, and the customer has low visibility of their development practices, quality management processes and standards compliance. As a result, it becomes important to have an objective approach to evaluating the quality of the software developed by these vendors and ensure that this software remains an asset and does not become a liability.


SonarSource products come with specific features and benefits to address this challenge, for both vendors and customers:

  • Low TCO: Implement offshoring/outsourcing agreements at a reasonable cost to both parties and with the ability for customers and vendors to share reports.
  • Defects on latest changes: Focus the agreement on the vendors’ work and avoid the “noise” of legacy software.
  • Standardized metrics: Contractually enforce quality standards using objective, well-understood metrics.
  • Enterprise-grade security: Protect valuable source code from unauthorized access.

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