Continuous Inspection

Legacy Applications

SonarSource products provide a solution for businesses to manage and improve the quality of legacy applications and reduce software maintenance costs.


MSVs (Maintenance Services Vendors) and SIs (System Integrators) are typically tasked with maintaining complex, legacy applications written in older programming languages such as ABAP and COBOL. There is a need to evaluate the internal code quality of these applications for business decision-making, such as IT infrastructure overhauls and re-engineering projects. To ensure competitive rates and reduce long-term maintenance costs, MSVs and SIs need a way to decrease the maintenance cost of software while increasing its code quality.


SonarSource products come with specific features and benefits to address this challenge:

  • Legacy language support: Support more than 20 languages, including both legacy (COBOL, Visual Basic 6) and modern (Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP) ones.
  • Ongoing quality management: Improve visibility of code quality through automated, market-leading continuous inspection process.
  • Extensibility: Cater to diverse customer needs through a single, extensible product.
  • SQALE integration: Apply the SQALE ISO standard for objective code evaluation.
  • Portfolio management: Monitor code quality of hundreds of projects in a single, customizable Web dashboard.
  • Low TCO: Save time and money through maximum flexibility in licensing, usage and support.