Continuous Inspection

Application Portfolio Management

SonarSource products provide a solution for enterprise-level Application Portfolio Management (APM).


Today, it is mandatory for enterprises to undertake IT Application Portfolio Management (APM) to justify and measure the financial benefits of each application in comparison to its maintenance and operating costs. According to Forrester Research, “For IT operating budgets, enterprises spend two-thirds or more on ongoing operations and maintenance”. To reduce costs and improve the maintainability of software, IT managers need better visibility and better metrics to make business decisions.


SonarSource products come with specific features and benefits to address this challenge:

  • Centralized portfolio management: Monitor the code quality of hundreds of projects in a single, customizable Web dashboard.
  • Multi-technology support: Monitor a multi-technology application portfolio using shared standard metrics.
  • Low TCO: Save money by analyzing your entire application portfolio on a single platform.
  • Continuous Inspection support: Update your application portfolio’s quality metrics on a regular basis to help you make appropriate business decisions.