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Technical Debt Evaluation (SQALE)

The Technical Debt Evaluation (SQALE) plugin provides an implementation of the SQALE Methodology in the SonarQube platform.
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  • Provides remediation cost for technical debt
  • Unique SQALE visualizations: sunburst, pyramids, hotspots
  • ISO 9126 Quality Model


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SQALE 2.7 – Oct 27, 2015 – Compatible with SonarQube 5.2 - 5.4
Compatibility with SonarQube 5.2
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The SQALE method was developed by Inspearit (formerly DNV ITGS) to enable the evaluation of an application’s technical debt in the most objective, accurate, reproducible and automated way possible. The Technical Debt Evaluation (SQALE) plugin is a full implementation of the SQALE methodology, based on SonarQube’s rules and issues.

The SQALE method measures an application’s technical debt in terms of the time it will take to fix the application. For each rule (also known as a non-functional requirement) there is an estimate of the time it will take to fix an issue generated from the rule. The rules and their time estimates form the SQALE Analysis Model. The sum of the estimates for all the issues in an application is its total technical debt in man-days.

Rules are grouped into characteristics and sub-characteristics, or areas of concern, such as testability, reliability and efficiency. Together, the characteristics and sub-characteristics form the SQALE Quality Model, which conforms to ISO/IEC 9126.

Since SonarQube platform version 4.0, the basics of the SQALE method have been part of SonarQube core, and your applications’ technical debt has been computed with each analysis. However, your ability to view and manage that technical debt has been limited. The SQALE plugin allows you to manage the calculation and prioritization of your technical debt in a fine-grained way, and it offers several sophisticated ways to categorize the debt at both the macro and the micro levels.

SQALE enables businesses to:

  • Rate the quality of an application from configurable source code requirements
  • Provide an objective view of application quality – both internal and outsourced
  • Organize findings and clearly prioritize remedial actions


The Technical Debt Evaluation (SQALE) plugin comes with a number of important features, including custom widgets, visualizations and drill-downs.


A deep understanding of the SQALE method is helpful in the advanced configuration of this product, but not required for its use. The SonarSource team of experienced software professionals has pre-configured the SQALE plugin to offer maximum value straight out of the box.

The SQALE method is freely available and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license.

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