Continuous Inspection

Technical Debt Evaluation

By using the SQALE methodology to evaluate technical debt, SonarSource products provide an objective, standards-compliant and automated manner to manage quality defects and remediation cost.

Certified SQALE Implementation

SQALE (Software Quality Assessment based on Lifecycle Expectations) is a public methodology to support the evaluation of a software application’s source code in the most objective, accurate, reproducible and automated possible way. SonarSource products integrate what is the most comprehensive and accurate implementation of the methodology to date.

Unique Metrics, Tools and Visualizations

SonarSource’s Technical Debt Evaluation (SQALE) plugin comes with key metrics, including the SQALE Rating and the SQALE Remediation Cost which are full integrated into SonarQube platform dashboards and services. But it also comes with unique visualizations enabling users to get break downs of the technical debt by severity, by ISO characteristics, by maturity, and more.

Extra Reporting Dimensions

By continuously reporting on the remediation cost of an application’s internal quality issues, SonarSource products provide visibility to the project team about the work to be done to meet the enterprise’s quality standards during a project. This information can be leveraged by projects managers to feed their project plans.

Common Language

By reporting on remediation costs for quality issues, SonarSource products provide a common language for all stakeholders in software development to discuss issues and take actions. This also makes it possible to consolidate information available on many different technologies into a single dashboard without distortion.