Continuous Inspection

Teamwork and Collaboration

The SonarQube platform's quality dashboard can be accessed from anywhere using a standard Web browser, and its standardized metrics and role-specific reporting enable quality enforcement across organizations as well as geographically-dispersed teams.

Works in any Web Browser

Quality management is a collaborative task that encompasses multiple organizational roles, and SonarSource products are designed from the ground up to maximize connectivity and collaboration between individuals and teams. SonarSource products run in all popular Web browsers, and can support project teams with hundreds of users even when deployed on standard Web infrastructure.

Role-Specific Reporting

SonarSource reports are immediately usable and actionable by both developers and project managers. They enable tactical defect identification and resolution at both management and operational levels. By providing development teams in different locations with a greater awareness of common technical debt, they assist in creating holistic quality improvement strategies and reducing long-term software maintenance costs.

Quality Enforcement Across Organizations and Locations

SonarSource products deliver all commonly-accepted metrics for code quality, including metrics for complexity, rules compliance, issues against coding rules and unit test coverage. These metrics can be used for objective quality evaluation across multiple projects and geographically-dispersed teams, enabling enterprises to better judge their technical debt across their software portfolio and providing a framework to contractually enforce quality standards with third-party software development factories.

SonarSource products also come with a robust, role-based security model that ensures that projects can be isolated and accessed only by the users and groups that own them.