Continuous Inspection

Recent Quality Issues Monitoring

SonarSource products provide full support for technical debt management by allowing teams to see only the defects added by recent changes.

Comparison with Application Baselines

SonarSource products provide the ability to define a series of baselines for an application such as floating periods, fixed dates or fixed versions. They then provide dashboards and filters to show the differential value between the latest analysis snapshot and the baseline. This allows any measure to be put in perspective with its evaluation.

Monitor New Issues Raised Against Coding Rules

SonarSource products provide the ability to not only display the number of new issues over a period, but also to report on how many were fixed and how many were added. This means that it is possible to take full control over the technical debt – for example, during a sprint.

Report Recent Code Coverage

When using the SCM Activity Plugin, new functionality becomes available in the code coverage by unit tests widget: the ability to see coverage only on lines that were recently added or changed. This means that enterprises can engage in, and assess the value of, unit test development on any project without the noise of legacy code.