Continuous Inspection

Open Source

Business-friendly licensing, an open and extensible codebase, and expert community support are just some of the advantages available with the SonarQube platform.

Freedom from Vendor Lock-In

SonarSource products are distributed under the GNU LGPL v3, which is one of the most business-friendly Open Source licenses available. Users can freely extend SonarSource products, or even integrate them into larger product offerings. The Open Source nature of SonarSource products also ensures that bugs are fixed rapidly through community-based bug detection/resolution and rapid feedback cycles. These aspects reduce vendor lock-in and save time and money through maximum flexibility in licensing, usage and support, keeping overall TCO low.


SonarSource products are not just Open Source, but they’re also designed to be highly extensible. Any user can customize the product to meet specific requirements or develop and distribute, either commercially or at no cost, a SonarSource plugin. Users also benefit from the wide range of open source plugins already available for SonarSource products, which can be used to quickly add new functionality.

Community Support

Like all popular Open Source projects, the SonarQube platform has an active community around it. This community provides added value through active bug reporting and management and community support. Highly responsive and experienced community contributors are available in discussion forums and mailing lists to solve common problems and assist with installation, usage and troubleshooting. Users also have the option of purchasing additional professional support and services from SonarSource for added guarantees and risk mitigation.