Continuous Inspection


SonarSource products can be easily customized with support for new metrics, languages, pages and tools through numerous Open Source and commercial plugins.

Designed for Extensibility

SonarSource products are distributed under a genuine Open Source license. This means that the source code is freely available and that any user can enhance the products to add new functionality. But, at SonarSource, our belief is that providing APIs to extend functionality is a much more powerful feature and will be more beneficial to the community in the long run. This is why the SonarQube platform provides numerous extension points that enable developers to create new metrics, pages and languages, as well as to integrate external tools.

Commercial and Open Source Plugins

There are currently more than 60 commercial and open source plugins available for SonarSource products. The majority of these are open source plugins, which are freely available from the SonarQube plugins forge. There are also a number of commercial plugins developed and supported by SonarSource. Plugins can be added, removed or combined with other plugins at any time, allowing users to adapt their SonarSource deployment to their exact needs.

Large Existing Plugin Collection

Existing plugins make it easy to add new functionality to the SonarQube platform, including:

  • Additional metrics: JIRA, Taglist, Emma, Mantis, Trac and others
  • Additional languages: ABAP, COBOL, C, C#, Groovy, JavaScript, PHP, Python and others
  • Additional governance tools: SQALE, Quality Indexes, SIG MM and Total Quality
  • Third-party integration: Bamboo, Crowd, Hudson, Piwik, SCM and others