Continuous Inspection

Customizable Dashboards

SonarSource products allow users to create fully customizable dashboards and filters that focus only on key areas of interest.

Project Dashboards

SonarSource products provide project dashboards that can be fully customized through widgets. This makes it possible to mix technical information, reviews, hotspots and the Time Machine in a single dashboard and increases overall value for users, since they can choose the areas they wish to focus on. Dashboards can also be shared between users to maximize Return on Investment.

Customizable Filters

Users of SonarSource products can customize individual filters to create their own unique set of resources. By choosing the granularity of resources, the type of data and the type of representation, each user has the ability to obtain clear action plans that can be displayed on the very first page of the SonarQube platform. Filters can also be shared between users to maximize Return on Investment.

Global Dashboards

Any SonarQube platform filter can be turned into a dashboard widget, allowing the SonarQube platform’s home page to be completely customized and personalized to each user’s needs. A project manager can customize the SonarQube platform home page to display summary information, while a developer can choose to view quality issues at the file level. This highly flexible system reduces clutter and noise and enables users to gain fast access to only relevant information.