Continuous Inspection

Centralized Portfolio Management

SonarSource products provide a unique central place to configure, analyze, report code inspections, providing users with a unified view of the health and status of managed software projects.

Helicopter Views and Granular Drill-Downs

The SonarQube platform’s unique centralized dashboard provides managers with a unified view of different metrics and quality defects throughout time to enable them to better assess quality risks and take corrective action. But it also provides the ability to drill down into any metric for detailed root cause analysis, right down to the source code.

Global Services

By providing centralized quality management, SonarSource products offer unique services across the entire software portfolio such as centralized dependency management, cross-project duplication detection, unified dashboards, and more. SonarSource products act as “quality radiators”, offering unique services such as filter, clouds, hotspots and alerts in order to report on specific axes of code quality.

Centralized Configuration

Configuration for code inspection is fully available online and in a single place. This includes settings for analyzers, project-specific parameters – for example, file exclusions – and configurable rulesets used during code inspection.