Continuous Inspection

Application Lifecycle Management

SonarSource products integrate easily with best-of-breed Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools such as Git, SubVersion, Maven, Jenkins, Visual Studio, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDE enabling better and faster deployment.

Build Integration

SonarSource products are tightly integrated with popular build frameworks. Integration with Maven and Gradle comes built-in, while a plugin is provided for Ant. This integration makes quality analysis only one extra step in the build process and therefore becomes easier and more natural for development teams to accomodate.

Version Control

SonarSource products integrate natively with most popular SCMs, including GIT, SVN, CVS and more. This gives additionals SCM information in the code viewer, including the last commit date / author and unit test coverage on new and updated source code.

Visual Studio, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDE Integration

SonarLint for Visual Studio, Eclipse and IntelliJ bring information from SonarSource products directly to developers without needing them to leave their favorite IDE. It displays markers in the source code on issues raised against coding rules and enables local analysis after changes are made to the code.

Support for Continuous Integration Engines

Native integration with build frameworks makes that any continuous integration (CI) tool can execute easily execute inspection with the SonarQube platform. However, SonarSource products provide specific integration and code inspection features for popular CI engines such as Jenkins, TFS, Team City and Bamboo.