Continuous Inspection

Actionable Reporting

Standardized metrics and trend reporting make it possible for all stakeholders to understand software quality and take decisive action to improve it at both managerial and operational level.

Detailed, Standardized Metrics

SonarSource products come with best-in-class analyzing, reporting and trend analysis tools that provide detailed, real-time metrics on project health and code quality. SonarSource reports include all commonly-accepted metrics, including metrics for complexity, compliance, comments density and unit test coverage. A powerful plugin framework makes it easy to compute new metrics or combine existing metrics to create customized reports.

Quality Trends and Evolution

The unique Time Machine feature enables quality managers and CIOs to monitor quality evolution over time and provides quantitative insight into the impact of specific business and technical decisions. This gives developers and project teams the information they need to understand evolution and take corrective action to reduce technical debt over time. Over the long term, this helps businesses reduce software maintenance costs and improve quality.

Actionable, Role-Specific Insights

Reports are produced at all levels, from high-level overviews of enterprise project portfolios to granular reports at line-of-code level. These reports offer high functional coverage and are immediately understandable and actionable by all stakeholders, whether business and technical users, without the need for external consultants. Executive-level IT leadership, mid-level project managers, and individual analysts, developers and team leaders can all understand and use these reports to identify, evaluate, and resolve code quality issues.