Continuous Inspection


Regardless of whether you are a developer, a technical architect, a project manager or a CIO, SonarSource innovative products have the cutting-edge features you need to maximize quality and manage risk for your software portfolio.

Continuous Inspection

  • Automated, ongoing quality inspection
  • Unique Continuous Inspection paradigm that delivers superior results
  • Standardized, consistent and well-understood quality indices

Multidimensional Analysis

  • Avoid duplicate code, increase coverage by Unit Tests and keep code complexity low
  • Enforce coding standards and eradicate bugs
  • Provide API documentation

Actionable Reporting

  • Detailed reporting of complexity, compliance and coverage metrics
  • Trend analysis tools to monitor quality evolution and milestones
  • Actionable, role-specific insights

Centralized Portfolio Management

  • Centralized dashboard to manage hundreds of projects
  • Real-time insight and project health metrics
  • Enterprise-wide project filters and dependency views

Rule-Based Defect Identification

  • Thousands pre-defined coding rules
  • Duplications, issues and complexity detection
  • Support for customizable rulesets

Recent Quality Issues Monitoring

  • Define baselines for an application such as floating periods, fixed dates or fixed versions
  • Monitor new issues raised against coding rules
  • See Unit Test coverage only on lines that were recently added or changed

Customizable Dashboards

  • Allow users to create fully customizable dashboards and filters
  • Let them focus only on key areas of interest
  • Derive individual actions plans from custom reports

Developer Perspective

  • Enable developers to identify their individual contributions to a project
  • Foster best practices in code quality self-management
  • Bottom-up approach towards continuous inspection

Technical Debt Evaluation

  • SQALE analysis model support
  • Support for maintainability rating and remediation costs
  • Granular and high-level visualizations

Application Lifecycle Management

  • Integration with best of breed tools: Git, SubVersion, Maven, Jenkins, Visual Studio, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDE and many more

Multi-Technology Support

  • Support for multiple technologies
  • Standardized code quality metrics across different languages
  • Support for additional languages through plugins

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Web-based product accessible from anywhere using a standard Web browser
  • Standardized metrics for objective quality evaluation across geographically-dispersed teams
  • Individual-, team- and project-level monitoring


  • Easily extendable to support new languages and metrics
  • Extensive set of community and commercial plugins
  • Open codebase


  • Role-based authentication and authorization
  • Access control based on users and groups of users
  • Integrates with LDAP, Apache DS, Microsoft Active Directory and Atlassian Crowd

Open Source

  • Maximum flexibility with Open Source code and business friendly licensing
  • Community support and plugins
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in