Continuous Inspection

Product Benefits

SonarSource products help businesses reduce training costs, improve software quality and benefit from bottom-up adoption.

Shorten the Learning Curve

SonarSource products integrate well with popular open source tools, including Subversion, Maven, Ant, JUnit and PHPUnit, allowing enterprises to leverage their existing investments in software without significantly increasing their training costs and learning curve. The SonarQube platform is intuitive, easy to navigate and actionable; this reduces the learning curve and ensures that training costs are low.

Bring Technical Debt under Control

Thanks to its unique Continuous Inspection capability, the SonarQube platform enables development teams to separate legacy debt from new debt added to software. This enables teams to take control of any new technical debt in a software application and fix it before dealing with legacy issues. It also helps organizations track the source of code quality issues and assess improvements in code quality over time.

Increase Developer Skills

The SonarQube platform provides immense value to development teams and, as a result, they are quick to adopt it as part of their development process. By doing so, they receive continuous feedback on quality issues as they are added and this feedback helps them improve their programming skills. Over time, this becomes a virtuous cycle that raises the overall quality of software being delivered by the organization. By bringing in transparency to code quality management, the SonarQube platform helps developers understand the quality of their software and ensure that it is easy to maintain. In doing so, it fosters collective ownership and responsibility for software applications across organizational teams.

Enable Continuous Code Quality Management

With the SonarQube platform’s unique Continuous Inspection capability, code analysis becomes easy and development teams receive valuable insight, ensuring that it is widely adopted. Code quality now becomes part of the development process and part of the DNA of the development team, instead of serving merely as a control process that is performed infrequently and without true developer buy-in. In the long run, this raises the quality of software and reduces the costs and risks of software maintenance.

Benefit from Bottom-Up Adoption

The SonarQube platform’s insights are valuable to development teams and it provides numerous features to enable teamwork and collaboration, with the result that it is quickly adopted as part of the development process. Managers are typically amazed by how few developers reject the tool and by its rapid bottom-up adoption. This high adoption rate means that companies can whole-heartedly embrace code quality management without developers treating it as an extra constraint in their daily job.

Define and Implement Requirements Efficiently

The SonarQube platform comes with a pre-defined set of standards that enable software managers and development to immediately gain insight into application quality. It is also possible to easily configure the SonarQube platform to adapt to specific team or organizational requirements and only display specific metrics, thus avoiding unwanted “noise” in quality reports. A quick feedback loop makes it possible to adjust these requirements easily.

Scale with Business Needs

The SonarQube platform is designed to scale with business needs and, as of yet, no hard limit has been discovered to its scalability. SonarSource products have been successfully tested in environments that perform daily analysis on more than 5,000 projects with more than 400 million lines of code and 20,000 developers.