Continuous Inspection

Process Benefits

SonarSource products generate process-level benefits, such as decreasing software development risk, raising software quality and improving team productivity.

Decrease Risk

The SonarQube platform enables development teams to decrease the risks of software development within a short amount of time. The SonarQube platform enables automatic detection of bugs and provides an opportunity to fix them before rolling software out to production, thereby avoiding the risk of unexpected business disruption. The SonarQube platform also highlights complex areas of code that are insufficiently covered by unit tests and therefore likely sources of errors. Finally, the SonarQube platform detects and alerts developers to possible ambiguities in source code, reducing the risk of misinterpretation when changing the application.

Improve Productivity

In the medium term, the SonarQube platform improves the productivity of software development teams. By enabling teams to detect and suppress code duplication and redundancy, the SonarQube platform enables teams to reduce the size of the application while maintaining its functional perimeter. The SonarQube platform also helps reduce code complexity, making it easier to read and understand code during maintenance windows and reducing maintenance time and cost. Finally, by helping to increase code coverage of the application, the SonarQube platform decreases the probability of unwanted side effects when changing the application code and reduces the risk of extra cost and time on software maintenance.

Increase Sustainability

In the long run, the SonarQube platform contributes significantly to increase the life time of applications by managing technical debt, i.e. reducing duplications, complexity, and potential bugs, keeping code architecture clean and increasing coverage through unit tests. In other words, the SonarQube platform increases the maintainability of software, along with its ability to handle changes and therefore to adapt to new business needs. This will drastically delay the need to replace it.

Raise Quality

The SonarQube platform performs multi-dimensional analysis to detect code duplications, code complexity and unit test coverage. It can identify violations of coding standards and help development teams efficiently identify and eradicate bugs. The SonarQube platform also lets developers create fully customizable dashboards and filters to let them focus only on key areas of quality management. These tools help developers and managers monitor code quality, keep track of issues and ensure that products are delivered on time and at the agreed quality level.