Continuous Inspection

Ecosystem Benefits

SonarSource products help companies and communities foster innovation and plan future activities with confidence.

Foster Innovation

As more individuals and companies migrate to the SonarQube platform, the SonarQube community grows in size and diversity. The SonarQube mature open source platform enables these companies and individuals to customize and extend its functionality, thus increasing the potential for innovation. This results in an increasing number of plugins and an extensive developer network. Companies can leverage these aspects of community-based innovation and learning to further their own business goals.

Plan with Confidence

SonarSource defines its development roadmap in agreement with its community and all community members are free to participate in discussions and contribute code to the SonarQube platform. Unlike with proprietary vendors, where surprising changes to the roadmap often take place without notification, there is no uncertainty about software features or development plans with the SonarQube platform. This enables companies to securely plan and implement a long-term code quality management strategy based on SonarSource products.

Reduce Risk with Vendor Support and Services

SonarSource provides professional support and additional value-added services to enable customers to get the maximum value from their investment in SonarSource products. These services include consulting, training, technical support and bespoke development, and are designed to help companies protect their investment in SonarSource products and gain long-term benefits from it.