Continuous Inspection

Issue #11, 14 October 2014

As the summer is quietly coming to an end, we are taking a look back at our progress over the past few months. The SonarQube 4.4 version was released with new exciting features including a "Rules" page and a new Web Service API page. The biggest news was, of course, the long awaited release of Objective-C support which was made available as part of the C/C++ plugin version 3.0.

SonarQube 4.4

SonarQube 4.4 is now available for download. The new features include:

Plugin Releases

  • JavaScript: analysis support for ECMAScript 6 Read more
  • Objective-C support as part of the C/C++ plugin version 3.0 Read more
  • TFS Annotate: Full support of TFS in the SCM Activity plugin Read more
  • The new Fortify plugin uses Fortify XML reports Read more
  • Cobol: new rules and some HP-Tandem compiler directives support Read more
  • VB.NET: support of FxCop custom rules and ASP.NET projects Read more
  • PHP: new rules to support PSR-2 standard Read more
  • Java: semantic analysis and Findbugs independence Read more

Welcome to Our New Colleagues

SonarSource is pleased to welcome:

  • Samuel Mercier joins the c-family language team
  • Alexandre Gigleux is our new senior consultant
  • Teryk Bellahsene who is a developer in the core team

Read more


SonarSource is sponsoring and speaking at conferences around the world. We have recently participated in:

Read more