Continuous Inspection

Issue #9, 28 April 2014

The SonarSource team is busy developing new exciting features for the SonarQube ecosystem! The latest release - SonarQube 4.2 - already supports multi-language projects and rule tagging. We're also happy to announce the support of Java 8 and a new plugin to analyze IBM RPG code.

What’s Coming Up for SonarQube in 2014?

Support of multi-language projects, cartography, tags everywhere and Java 8 are some of the exciting features coming up in 2014. Read this post by Freddy Mallet to learn more about the roadmap.

SonarQube 4.2

SonarQube 4.2 is now available for download. The new features include:

  • Support of multi-language projects
  • Tags of rules
  • New visual representations: bubble chart, pie chart and histogram

SonarQube 4.1

SonarQube 4.1 was released in January. The new features include:

  • Tracking of added technical debt
  • New Bubble Chart widget on projects and views
  • New search panel on Issues and Measures pages
  • Project key pattern for permission templates
  • New modal windows to select users and groups
  • New permission to administer issues

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Plugin Releases

  • ABAP: Fully rewritten parser that makes analysis much faster Read more
  • Java: Support of Java 8 Read more
  • PHP: No need of external tools anymore, it eases the configuration of PHP analyses Read more
  • RPG: New plugin to analyze IBM RPG code Read more
  • IntelliJ: New plugin to fully integrate SonarQube with IntelliJ IDEA Read more
  • Developer Cockpit: Now computes technical debt by developer Read more

Welcome to Our New Colleagues

SonarSource is pleased to welcome:

  • Ann Campbell who is our new language product owner
  • Fabrice Peillat who joins the infra team
  • Pierre-Yves Nicolas who is a developer in the language team
  • Massimo Paladin who is also a developer in the language team

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SonarSource is sponsoring and speaking at conferences around the world. We have recently participated in:

  • JUGC: 24 March 2013 in Cologne (Germany)
  • Coding Dojo: 26 February 2014 in Geneva (Switzerland)
  • BruJUG: 20 February 2014 in Brussels (Belgium)
  • Geneva JUG: 28 January 2014 in Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Human Talks: 14 January in Geneva (Switzerland)

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