Continuous Inspection

Issue #5, 13 May 2013

Welcome to the fifth issue of our newsletter. We're pleased to announce the launch of Sonar 3.5, which adds the ability to display the mapping of unit tests and covered code as well as an improved Eclipse plugin that lets developers perform pre-commit checks. Keep reading to find out more about these and other newsworthy items.

Sonar 3.5 Released

Sonar 3.5 is now available for download. It adds a number of exciting features, such as the ability to display the mapping of unit tests and covered code. This version also comes with Sonar Eclipse version 3.1 that adds the ability to track new violations introduced in new/changed code. Last, it provides same functionality as the Sonar Eclipse plugin for every language through the Issues Report plugin.

New Issues Report Plugin

Also known as the Sonar plugin of the year, the Issues Report plugin provides the ability to run local Sonar analyses. The main use case is for a developer to check his/her code before pushing it to the SCM. It generates an HTML report that displays a list of violations that can be filtered by severity, new violations only… and it supports all languages.

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XML 1.0

The XML plugin 1.0 has been released, bringing simplification and robustness. The plugin support is now part of our Enterprise Edition.

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Views 2.0

Prior to Views 2.0, it was only possible to consolidate data coming from a local server. Thus, there was a pre-requisite to have all projects in a single instance of Sonar in order to provide consolidate data on an entire portfolio. Views 2.0 provides the ability to delegate the build and the analysis management to local teams. The central administration is reduced to manage a single Sonar instance dedicated to governance that will gather and aggregate data from local instances.

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End of Support for Java 5

As of 15th of March 2013, Java 5 won’t be supported any longer as a runtime environment for Sonar and all its ecosystem (plugins and other side products). Obviously, we are talking only about runtime environment and Sonar will still be able to analyse Java 5 projects.

Other Plugin Releases

  • The Javascript plugin has been enhanced. This version fixes the parser with accordance to ECMAScript Language Specification 5.1, brings new rules and other fixes. Read more
  • The C++ plugin has been released. This new version embeds a rewrite of the C/C++ preprocessor to fully comply with the C99/C++11 specifications. It also supports some specific GCC and CLang preprocessor extensions. Read more
  • The Sonar Runner has been enhanced. The new version improves support of multi-language projects (define several modules with same basedir) and provides cache for downloaded files from Sonar Server. Read more
  • The PL/SQL plugin has been enhanced. This new version adds 37 new rules and improves parsing. Read more

Aline Weiss and Jean-Baptiste Vilain Join SonarSource

SonarSource is pleased to welcome Aline Weiss and Jean-Baptiste Vilain to its team. Aline joins the sales administration team and Jean-Baptiste joins the Sonar core development team.

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