Continuous Inspection

Issue #4, 20 January 2013

Welcome to the fourth issue of our newsletter. We're pleased to announce the launch of Sonar 3.4, which adds new filters and views to raise productivity and improve quality analysis, as well as a new Eclipse plugin that lets developers get valuable information on code quality without leaving their favourite IDE. Keep reading to find out more about these and other newsworthy items.

Sonar 3.4 Released

Sonar 3.4 is now available for download. It adds a number of exciting features, such as enhanced measure filters to simply and quickly execute all kinds of queries on measures and receive alerts on measure variations. In addition, a new “dry run” mode enables tighter integration with the Eclipse plugin. This version also supports new project views and new options to compare projects or different project versions, and includes an update to Checkstyle 5.6.

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Sonar 3.3 Released

Sonar 3.3 was released on 24 October 2012. It brought support for VB.NET and PL/I, allowing project managers and development teams to immediately benefit from Continuous Inspection on projects in these languages. Sonar 3.3 also added support for merging code coverage by unit and integration tests, and for multi-language project analysis. In total, version 3.3 of the Sonar platform included more than 70 improvements and bug fixes while maintaining compatibility with all existing plugins.

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New PL/I Plugin

Our PL/I plugin allows users to perform objective and automated PL/I code reviews. Key features include the ability to compute standard metrics, integration with built-in Sonar services such as drill-downs, hotspots and the Time Machine, and support for custom rules using XPath. It includes more than 20 coding checks and has been tested to analyze millions of lines of code in minutes.

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New Fortify Plugin

Our Fortify plugin makes it possible to import Fortify SSC reports into Sonar. The plugin enables user to importĀ  metrics such as the Fortify Security Rating and the number of issues marked as critical, high, medium and low priority in Fortify. It is also able to import Fortify vulnerability issues as Sonar violations, and link directly to Fortify SSC web reports. The plugin supports ABAP, C#, C++, Cobol, Java, JavaScript, Python and VB.

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New VB.NET Plugin

Our VB.NET plugin adds a state-of-the-art VB.NET parser to SonarSource products. It includes 470+ coding rules and allows users to perform objective and automated VB.NET code reviews against pre-defined or custom coding best practices. It can be combined with our C# plugins to enable multi-language analysis of projects using both C# and VB.NET.

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New Eclipse Plugin

Our new Eclipse plugin uses the technical improvements in Sonar 3.4 to provide key new features, such as shared settings, file exclusions and rules between Sonar and Eclipse and enhanced association between Eclipse and Sonar projects. The plugin also adds support for C/C++, Python/PyDev and Java 7 projects. New configuration options make it possible to automatically activate the Sonar nature when importing a Maven project with M2Eclipse.

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Other Plugin Releases

  • The Python plugin has been enhanced. This version adds new rules, code coverage metrics and fixes some bugs. Read more
  • A new version of the Natural plugin has been released. This new version fixes a few issues on parsing and metrics computation. Read more
  • A new version of the JavaScript plugin has been released. This version adds new rules, improves performance and fixes some bugs. Read more
  • A new version of the Flex plugin has been released. This version adds new rules, supports ActionScript 2, improves performance and fixes some bugs. Read more
  • A new SCM Stats plugin has been released. This plugin reports statistics based on SCM changelog information. Read more

Julien Henry and Julien Lancelot Join SonarSource

SonarSource is pleased to welcome Julien Henry and Julien Lancelot to its team. Julien Henry has always been an enthusiastic member of the Sonar community and joined the SonarSource language team in October 2012. Julien Lancelot was one of the very first committers on Sonar, back in 2007, and joined the core Sonar development team in November 2012.

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