Continuous Inspection

Issue #3, 9 October 2012

Welcome to our third newsletter. We're pleased to announce the launch of Sonar 3.2, which adds new languages and productivity features. Some of the key new features in Sonar 3.2 include complete support for C++ and Python, PDF reporting and enhancements to administration tools. Keep reading to find out more about these and other newsworthy items.

Sonar 3.2 Released

Sonar 3.2 was released on 6 August 2012. It includes support for C++ and Python, allowing project managers and development teams to immediately benefit from Continuous Inspection on projects in these languages. Sonar’s administrative tools have also been enhanced, with key features such as bulk deletion of projects, a new period for differential views, and the ability to change project keys. In total, version 3.2 of the Sonar platform includes more than 60 improvements and bug fixes while maintaining compatibility with all existing plugins.

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New C++ Plugin

Our new C++ plugin adds support for C++ to Sonar. It has more than 220 coding checks, support for custom rules and an embedded pre-processor. It also supports built-in Sonar services, like drill downs, hotspots, code viewer, and Time Machine and has been tested to analyze millions of lines of code in minutes.

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New PDF Reporting Plugin

Our new Report plugin provides a new way to report information. It supports PDF report generation and tranmission over email, and allows fully-configurable reports. This plugin is included in the Professional and Enterprise Editions.

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SSLR Parsing Technology is now Open Source

We have open sourced our SonarSource Language Recognizer (SSLR) parsing technology to accelerate its development and adoption. This is a lightweight Java library which provides all the required material to analyse any piece of source code. This library is already used in Sonar by the JavaScript, COBOL, C#, Python, PL/SQL, C, C++, Flex and various other plugins.

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SonarSource at JavaZone

On 12 September 2012, Olivier Gaudin, CEO of SonarSource, discussed the benefits of Sonar’s Continuous Inspection paradigm in a presentation entitled “Continuous Inspection with Sonar” at JavaZone 2012. In this presentation, Olivier introduced the concept of internal quality (and non-quality) and showed why and how to measure this quality in order to define action plans. He also explained how Continuous Inspection marks a important change in quality assurance, from a control-oriented process to a development support-oriented process.

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SonarSource at Devoxx

In November 2012, the entire SonarSource team will be attending Devoxx, a conference for Java developers in Antwerp. Why not drop by and meet us?

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New Chinese and Japanese Language Packs

Sonar is now available in Chinese and Japanese languages. Simply download and install the corresponding language pack to view Sonar in these languages.

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Other Plugin Releases

  • The Python plugin has been enhanced. This new version has been fully rewritten to use our powerful SSLR technology. Read more
  • The Eclipse 2.4 plugin has been released. This new version fixes various bugs. Read more
  • The Views 1.8 plugin has been updated. This new version supports new types of views and a new administration console which is more user-friendly and scalable. Read more
  • The SCM Activity 1.5 plugin has been released. This new version simplifies access to SCM and enlarges the scope of supported SCMs. Read more
  • The Sonar Runner 2.0 plugin has been released. This new version provides the ability to analyze multi-module projects. Read more

Christelle Farez Joins SonarSource

SonarSource is pleased to welcome Christelle Farez to its team. Christelle joined SonarSource in July 2012 as a Sales Assistant, providing support to customers for evaluating our products.

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