Continuous Inspection

Issue #2, 8 June 2012

Welcome to our second newsletter. Two months ago, we launched Sonar 3.0 and we're building on that momentum with the release of Sonar 3.1, which has new functionality to enable deeper integration with enterprise workflows. Some of the key new features in Sonar 3.1 include global dashboards, new unit test inspection features, JIRA integration and new Single Sign-On support. Keep reading to find out more about these and other newsworthy items.

Sonar 3.1 Released

Sonar 3.1 was released on 15 June 2012. It includes new functionality for better detection of quality issues and deeper enterprise integration. In addition to allowing complete home page customization through global dashboards, it also supports inspection of Unit Tests and enforcement of common coding standards for easier Unit Test maintenance.

Sonar 3.1 also streamlines enterprise workflows by allowing users to directly create JIRA tickets from Sonar violations, and enables Single Sign-On with support for OpenID and CAS. In total, version 3.1 of the Sonar platform includes more than 50 improvements and bug fixes while maintaining compatibility with all existing plugins.

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Sonar 3.0 Webinar Video and Slides Now Available

On 31 May 2012, Olivier Gaudin, CEO of SonarSource, introduced the enhanced feature set of Sonar 3.0 in a live online webinar called “Take Continuous Inspection to Your Enterprise with Sonar 3.0″. In this webinar, Olivier explained the continuous inspection approach and how to leverage it for enterprises introducing code quality management in small to large development teams. This was one of SonarSource’s most popular webinars and received a lot of positive feedback. In case you missed it, the Webinar recording and slides are now available.

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Devoxx France Review

In April 2012, SonarSource participated in Devoxx France, a conference for Java developers in Paris. SonarSource  In addition to two presentations, attendees also had a chance to meet the SonarSource team at a Meet and Greet event.

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Documentation Updates

The SonarSource documentation wiki has recently been reorganized. Existing pages have been updated, new material has been added, and pages have now been classified into sections. This makes it easier to find relevant documentation, regardless of whether you are a SonarSource beginner or expert.

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New Plugin Releases

  • The JavaScript 1.0 plugin has been released. This new version integrates a new parser, replaces JSLint by new parser rules and adds support for JSTest. Read more
  • The C plugin has been updated. This new version provides new rules, adds XPath generic rules, SQALE mapping and improves the parser. Read more
  • The SQALE 1.5 plugin has been released. This new version supports IE9, provides out-of-the-box a SQALE dashboard, adds French localization and allows the SQALE development cost estimation to be configured by language. Read more
  • The Cobol 1.9 plugin provides support for Autocontrol. Read more

David Gageot and David Racodon Join SonarSource

SonarSource is pleased to welcome two new faces to its team. David Gageot joined SonarSource in April 2012 to co-lead the development of the Sonar core. David Racodon joined SonarSource in May 2012 as a senior consultant, assisting and supporting customers in their implementation of SonarSource products.

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