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Benefits of using SonarQube

Published: 28 July, 2016

Kokab Sami from Vizteck Solutions describes SonarQube’s part in their continuous integration process.

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Oracle SOA Suite Code Quality: SonarQube Quality Gates, XML Plugin and custom XPath rules

Published: 20 July, 2016

Maarten Smeets, a Senior Oracle Integration Consultant and an ACE associate describes a minimal effort setup for performing code quality checks in SOA Suite, using Jenkins 2.9, SonarQube 5.6 and the SonarQube XML Plugin 1.4.1.

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Streamlining eero’s Android Build Process

Published: 10 June, 2016

Jordan Jozwiak from eero describes their automated build process and SonarQube is a big part of it!

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SonarSource City Tour 2016 #SSCT2016 – London

Published: 26 May, 2016

Our City Tour 2016 kicked off on May 25 in London and the first blog reviews are already out! Dan Cutting from Livedrive -view blog- and the Bald Keyboardist Vassilis -view blog- share their impressions and feedback.

Use SonarQube as an automatic pull request reviewer

Published: 22 April, 2016

Viktor Sadovnikov describes the process of updating code and the whole continuous integration environment at Container Solutions, referring to it as an ideal world. In their setup, SonarQube just happens to be part of that ideal world.

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Ansible role for SonarQube upgrades

Published: 20 April, 2016

Priit Liivak, Partner and Head of Engineering at Nortal, found that it took too long to upgrade SonarQube, so he decided to automate the process. Read all about it in the Nortal Tech Blog.

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How to build quality into your software development workflow

Published: 11 April, 2016

Sandeep Chouksey, VP of Engineering at Shutterstock shares their journey towards high quality software releases, emphasizing the need for quality in every step of the development process.

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Automated Code Quality Analysis- Integrating Sonarqube with Bitbucket and Bamboo

Published: 7 April, 2016

Siddhant Gogri’s article on Addteq’s blog describes how to set up SonarQube, Bitbucket and Bamboo in order to get automated feedback on code quality issues.

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Are you buying quality software?

Published: 17 March, 2016

This article by Jérôme Loisel, CEO & Founder of, discusses the importance of writing clean code and exposes their internal SonarQube metrics.

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Continuous Code Reviews & Quality Releases

Published: 26 January, 2016

KonyLabs’ Aravind Kashyap shares his thoughts on how to create a continuous code review process using different tools, including SonarQube.

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Compuware and SonarSource Enable Agile Delivery of Quality COBOL Code by Mainstream-Skilled Development Teams

Published: 5 January, 2016

We are happy to team up with Compuware, integrating SonarLint® into Compuware Topaz® Workbench to together help large enterprises protect and increase the long-term value of their mainframe applications.

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Visual Studio 2015, Team Foundation Server 2015 Updated

Published: 14 October, 2015

Microsoft announces RC 1 update to TFS 2015 and VSO 2015 and improved SonarQube integration is one of the highlights!

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The Maven build task now simplifies SonarQube analysis

Published: 8 October, 2015

Jean-Marc Prieur from Microsoft announces and demonstrates an updated Maven task that triggers a SonarQube analysis in Visual Studio Online (VSO) and soon in Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015.

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Android Developers: Code Review with SonarQube

Published: 15 September, 2015

François-Xavier Beuvry provides a detailed tutorial for analyzing Android applications with SonarQube and the Android Lint plugin.

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An Intro to CSS Testing with SonarQube

Published: 13 September, 2015

David Racodon provides an overview of how SonarQube checks for code quality for CSS among other languages. The article includes links to the demo as well as the free download.

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Automatic Code Review

Published: 09 and 11 September, 2015

SCM-Manager Universe team looks at configuration and implementation of automated code review systems that you can set up to check your code for compliance with metrics and rules.

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.NET Analyzer Package Round-up

Published: 18 August, 2015

Greg Duncan of Channel 9 lists analyzer packages for the .NET compiler platform previously known as Roslyn – an open source compiler for C# and VB with rich code analysis APIs, based on a post by Microsoft’s Anders Lybecker.

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Visual Studio 2015 Final release Event (video)

Published: 20 July, 2015

The keynote video from the VS 2015 Final Release event, titled ‘Any app, Any developer’ provides a demo-packed overview to get you started with Visual Studio 2015, .NET 4.6 and Visual Studio Online. Brian Harry also touches on how to tackle technical debt with SonarQube, which is now getting deeply integrated with TFS and VS Online.

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Channel 9 page for the VS 2015 Final Release Event

Important changes to Gradle SonarQube support

Published: 24 June, 2015

This forum post shares details on the latest Gradle release as well as the new plugin developed by the SonarSource team to help Gradle users leverage the SonarQube platform.

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Integrating SonarQube and Reporting Services

Published: 17 June, 2015

A practical guide by Vinicius Moura for integrating the SonarQube platform with the Reporting Services installed on TFS 2013. It outlines the steps to merge Sonar’s Code Quality metrics and TFS’s Work Item metrics resulting in a single report which incorporates all relevant information.

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Improve your code with static analysis

Published: 09 June, 2015

Gilles Grouset writes about static code analysis and explains how SonarQube helps developers check that they are writing good code.

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Improving JavaScript code quality with SonarQube

Published: 31 May, 2015

This entry in Corwin Blake’s blog about web development and IT demonstrates how to improve JavaScript code quality with the help of SonarQube.

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Unit And Integration Test Reports For Maven Projects In SonarQube

Published: 18 May, 2015

This blog by Sandra Parsick describes how to generate test reports for for unit and integration testing during a Maven build for the SonarQube server with the help of Jacoco Maven plugin.

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Technical Debt Management: Announcing SonarQube integration with MSBuild and Team Build

Published: 5 May, 2015

In his blog about technical debt management, Microsoft’s Stuart Kent shares the details about the SonarQube / Microsoft build technologies integration. The blog includes a link to the SonarQube Installation Guide for Existing TFS Environment.

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Reducing Technical Debt with SonarQube and Visual Studio

Published: 01 May, 2015

A post about the presentation for the SonarQube / Microsoft integration at the Microsoft Build last week concentrating on reducing technical debt.

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Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server at Build 2015

Published: 29 April, 2015

Brian Harry discusses VS and TFS updates and releases as well as new features, dedicating a section of his blog to TFS/SonarQube integration.

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La quête du code source fiable et securisé

Published: 27 April, 2015

A blog and slides from this year’s GS Days by Sebastien Gloria about the quest for reliable and secure source code and how SonarQube can help by using continuous inspection and the implementation of detection rules. Language – French.

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Managing Technical Debt with SonarQube (video)

Published: 9 February, 2015

In this video talk from last year’s JEEConf in Kiev, speaker Patroklos Papapetrou shows how to manage technical debt with SonarQube. The talk discusses code quality factors, SonarQube’s core ideas and main features.

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An Introduction to SonarQube

Published: 15 January, 2015

This blog gives an overview of SonarQube as a software quality tool and provides the link to the setup documentation as well as tips on how to use it to assess all the seven axes of code quality.

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Setting up SonarQube for a Grails project

Published: 01 December, 2014

This blog post by Hussain Fakhruddin, Head of Engineering at Safarna / Cobone, guides you through the process of configuring SonarQube for analyzing your Grails project.

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Managing JavaScript Test Coverage with SonarQube

Published: 25 November, 2014

Akquinet, a German company specialized in business process optimization, demonstrates in this blog post how you can bring code quality analysis to your JavaScript code with SonarQube, Maven, Karma and gulp.

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Legacy Application – Refactoring with the SQALE plugin

Published: 07 and 17 October, 2014

Author Jean-Pierre Fayolle uses the out of the box functionality of the SonarQube Quality Profile and the SQALE plugin to estimate the cost of refactoring a Legacy application.

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Sniff out code smells in Android projects by using SonarQube

Published: 3 October, 2014

William J. Francis, specialized in embedded and mobile platforms, provides a tutorial on using SonarQube to find code smells and implement coding best practices for developers.

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Integrating SonarQube Metrics into a TFS build

Published: 31 July, 2014

Andy-B-Dev, a developer from Leeds UK provides his approach and a detailed overview of the required steps to integrate SonarQube metrics into a TFS build.

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SonarQube As An Education Platform

Published: 25 July, 2014

Patroklos Papapetrou, co-Author of the “SonarQube in Action” book, talks about educating developers leveraging SonarQube’s coding rules and the easy-to-use coding review mechanism.

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Code Coverage of Individual Tests with SonarQube and JaCoCo

Published: 4 July, 2014

This post by Jorge Hildago explains how to enable SonarQube to gather test code coverage metrics of individual tests.

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Developer’s Guide to Static Code Analysis

Published: 17 April, 2014

This wise developer’s guide to static code analysis is presented by RebelLabs and features SonarQube amongst other tools.

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PL/SQL Analysis with SonarQube

Published: 10 March, 2014

A series of posts from configuring a PL/SQL analysis to activating the right set of coding rules.

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Creating SonarQube Projects

Published: 18 February, 2014

SonarQube (nee Sonar) is da bomb. It’s not something you have to check daily but if you’re serious about quality you’ll check it during sprint planning if not weekly.

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Ignore Issues on Multiple Criteria in SonarQube

Published: 4 February, 2014

I am currently helping a customer to setup a configuration of his SonarQube instance in order to monitor the code of a Scout Application. SonarQube is a great tool to monitor code quality continuously and to fight against technical debt.

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Installing SonarQube and Checking your Code in Eclipse

Published: 12 December, 2013

Here are two blog posts to guide you through the whole SonarQube process: installation and configuration of the platform, analysis of your source code and integration in Eclipse.

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Why SonarQube, from Mohammad Nadeem

Published: 17 November, 2013

What makes Sonar really stand out is that it not only provides metrics and statistics about your code but translates these nondescript values to real business values such as risk and technical debt. Sonar not only addresses to core developers and programmers but to project managers and even higher managerial levels as well, due to the management aspect it offers. This concept is strengthened more by Sonar’s enhanced reporting capabilities and multiple views addressing source code from different perspectives.

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Tracking and Improving Software Quality with Sonar, from Patroklos Papapetrou

Published: 6 November, 2013

Watch Patroklos Papapetrou discussing Tracking and Improving Software Quality with Sonar at Øredev 2013.

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Switch Off Legacy Code Violations in SonarQube

Published: 31 October, 2013

While I don’t believe in putting numbers on source code quality, SonarQube (formerly known as Sonar) can be a really useful tool during development. It enforces a consistent style across your team, has discovered several possible bugs for me and is a great tool to learn: You can browse the violations and see why a certain expression or code block can be a problem.

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Maven, failsafe, sonar and jacoco are in a boat …

Published: 3 October, 2013

Yesterday I wanted to setup the code coverage in our sonar instance for integration tests launched using the failsafe plugin of Apache Maven. The awaited result in sonar is something like this.

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Einsatz von SonarQube zur Qualitätssicherung in heterogenen Projekten

Published: 10 September, 2013

SonarQube ist ein in Java- und C#-Projekten einsetzbares Analysewerkzeug, das eine ganzheitliche Sicht auf statische und dynamische Analysen liefert. Entwickler brauchen dadurch keine Kenntnisse über die Konfiguration der integrierten Werkzeuge zur Qualitätssicherung zu haben.

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5 tools to help you write better Java Code

Published: September, 2013

In this article we will be taking a look at the 5 most used tools that we use at IDR Solutions and how it can help Java Developers write better code.

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Blog Post from IBM: Integrate SonarQube into a DevOps environment

Published: 27 August, 2013

Learn how to integrate a static code analysis tool using the IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery Solution. This article also shows how to integrate SonarQube into a DevOps environment to obtain the feedback from the static analysis tool. Code quality is improved and your project is managed better.

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“On Software Entropy” by KIXEYE Lead Engineer Ryan Taylor

Published: 24 July, 2013

Entropy is defined as a measure of the number of specific ways in which a system may be arranged. The higher the entropy, the greater the disorder. As stated by the second law of thermodynamics, the entropy of a closed system never decreases, it can only remain unchanged or increase. Locally, this entropy can be lowered by external action. Life is a great example of this.

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SNCF Voyages pilote en temps réel la qualité de ses logiciels

Published: 14 February, 2013

Tout le monde se souvient des pannes informatiques du système de réservation de SNCF. Ce genre d’incident fait immédiatement la une des journaux. Cette situation explique sans doute pourquoi, depuis quelques années, la branche SNCF Voyages, qui gère ce système particulièrement exposé aux regards, est en pointe dans…

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Java Tech Journal: Interview with Olivier Gaudin

Published: 15 September, 2012

“Continuous Inspection is the ability to continuously manage the technical debt of an application, to maximize its level of maintainability. Doing Continuous Inspection will support the resolution of issues such as ‘any change or addition to source code should be covered by unit tests’, ‘code should not be duplicated’ or ‘no new cycle dependencies should be introduced’.”

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CIO Online: Natixis Minimizes its Technical Debt

Published: 6 September, 2012

“There is no recognized standard for software quality metrics. SQALE is a method to optimize the quality of the information system. Natixis relied on SQALE code analysis by free software Sonar. “Even if we use Cast when appropriate, the cost of this product is not compatible with a generalization of the method in the company while Sonar is enough in general,” says Bernard Nailly.”

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InfoQ: Sonar Quality Dashboard 3.0

Published: 30 May, 2012

“An interesting new feature comes in the form of Developer’s Cockpit, a commercial plugin that allows developers to follow and manage their own contribution to the quality of the application. Normally Sonar presents aggregated results for source code regardless of authorship. The plugin integrates with the user accounts on the code repository of the project SCM and personalizes all existing Sonar information. This has the result that individual developers can see how they affect code quality by their commit actions.”

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The H: Sonar 3.0 Helps Keep Source Code Clean

Published: 18 April, 2012

“SonarSource has announced the release of version 3.0 of the Sonar code quality assurance tool. New features allow users to quickly spot quality violations and ascertain the test coverage of new code. Sonar 3.0 also introduces an integrated code review workflow and a system for detecting duplicate code across multiple projects, itemised by programming language.”

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Thoughtworks: Technology Radar

Published: 1 July, 2011

“Measuring software internal quality is still a mystery, even though many source code metrics have been around for years. The problem with those metrics is they usually only capture one aspect of quality. Sonar is an integrated tool for checking, tracking and visualizing those metrics. It not only combines metrics together, but also mixes them with historical measures, giving us a better insight into the internal quality of the codebase.”

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Programmez: Gérer sa Dette Technique avec SQALE dans Sonar

Published: 1 June, 2011

“The Sonar platform for qualimetric source code analysis is now offering a SQALE method implementation. This method allows an objective and quantitative assessment of the quality of application code. Indicators calculated and reported by Sonar are simple and offer both a top-level view for decision-makers and tools for operational teams.”

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GNU/Linux Magazine France: Gestion Facile de Qualité de Code avec Sonar

“In a few years, Sonar, an open source project by SonarSource, has quickly become a market reference and certainly the leader in its category among open source products. The unquestionable quality of the product and its flexibility fully justify user adoption. This article therefore aims to expose the ease of use and implementation of this tool, hoping to encourage you to also become a regular user.”

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Methods & Tools: Sonar

Published: 1 March, 2010

This article explains the concepts behind Sonar and how to use it, written by the SonarSource co-founders Olivier Gaudin and Freddy Mallet.

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