Continuous Inspection


At SonarSource, we are continuously looking for new talent. Don't hesitate to contact us if you're a professional software developer or just highly motivated to face new challenges within a fast-growing and innovative company.

We are actively looking to fill the following positions:

Executive Assistant in Geneva

We are looking for an Executive Assistant based in Geneva. Your job will consist in providing support for travel organisation, organizing internal and external meetings, etc. Read more

Sales Assistant in Geneva

We are looking for a Sales Assistant based in Geneva. Your job will consist in sending evaluation license keys and follow-up on progress, answering commercial and product-related questions, handling the purchasing process (supplier registration, forms, etc.). Read more

Productivity Engineer for Java Development Teams

We are looking to create a dedicated Productivity Team in charge to lead, implement and support the vision around development automation. The goal of this team is pretty simple: make life of Java developers as fun and productive as possible by providing all the suitable required tooling and infrastructure. Read more

Geek, as well as Java Developer, to work on the SonarQube platform

If you are motivated to face the ultimate challenge to work on the SonarQube complete stack, are convinced by agile practices and principles, are looking for a 100% development job and want to have fun, this is time to apply and to join a team passionate about software development. Read more

Geek, as well as Java developer, to develop source code analyzers

If you consider the job of a developer as one of the most exciting job on earth and are looking to work for a company fully coupled with software development, you should continue reading about the opportunity we are offering. Read more

VP Sales

In order to manage our strong international growth, we are looking for a VP Sales based in Geneva and reporting to the CEO. Read more