Continuous Inspection


Want to talk about SonarQube or Continuous Inspection? You can find us sponsoring and speaking at conferences around the world. See below a list of upcoming and recent events that can be of interest:
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Software Quality Days: 20-22 January 2015 in Vienna (Austria)

The conference provides coverage on the latest trends, best practice methods in quality management and ideas on improving methods and processes. More information on the 2015 Software Quality Days are available here:

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Clean Code Days: 11-12 November 2014 in Münich (Germany)

Learn about the benefits of Clean Code at the next Clean Code days in November in Münich. A session on Continuous Inspection with SonarQube is also planned, courtesy of SonarSource CEO Olivier Gaudin. Registration is now open and the agenda available at

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Software Testing Forum: 23-24 June 2014 in Milan (Italy)

The STF 2014 is an international conference completely dedicated to testing best practices and software & services quality. SonarSource is present at the forum through a joint participation with our Italian partner Assioma.Net and a presentation by Olivier Gaudin. Registration and details:

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BreizhCamp: 21-23 May 2014 in Rennes (France)

SonarSource is happy to sponsor the BreizhCamp 2014 in Rennes. Freddy Mallet will make a presentation about SonarQube multi-language capability. Join us for 2 and a half days of conferences organized by the BreizhJug and the Rennes tech community! The programme details and more information about the conference can be found here:

Geneva JUG: 29 April 2014 in Geneva (Switzerland)

What attracts researchers starting from the 60s till nowadays? What is studied in university by engineers in computer science and then successfully forgotten? Parsers! Find out everything about them in this presentation by Evgeny Mandrikov and Dinesh Bolkensteyn at the Geneva JUG.

Devoxx France: 16-18 April 2014 in Paris (France)

Following the big success of the Meet & Greet evening last year, SonarSource is happy to renew this experience and welcomes Devoxxians on Thursday April 17 at the Marriott. The evening’s theme is Wine & Cheese and should be full of surprises… Registration is free but obligatory:

JUGC: 24 March 2013 in Cologne (Germany)

We talk about SonarQube in this Java User Group! SonarSource is happy to invite its German community to attend the event, discuss their deployments of SonarQube and ask any questions related to software quality (but in English if possible :-). Event details here.

Coding Dojo: 26 February 2014 in Geneva (Switzerland)

The first Coding Dojo of the year provides an introduction to “Behaviour Driven Development” by Florent Chardonnereau (@fchardon). The event is hosted by SonarSource at its Geneva offices. Find more details here.

BruJUG: 20 February 2014 in Brussels (Belgium)

SonarSource is pleased to participate to the BruJUG for its first time. Olivier Gaudin presents the topic of “Continuous Inspection with SonarQube”. For all the details about the BruJUG and to register for the event, please click here.

Geneva JUG: 28 January 2014 in Geneva (Switzerland)

To celebrate its 4th anniversary, the GenevaJUG is presenting a “Quickies” evening consisting of presentations on various topics including git, integration tests, agile development and others. Nicolas Peru is covering the subject of “Reverse psychology in Java development”. The event page together with the full list of presentations is available here.

Human Talks: 14 January 2014 in Geneva (Switzerland)

The Human Talks events are presented by Human Coders in various cities in order for developers to share their passion, learn about various tech subjects and talk about their favorite subjects in short 10 minutes sessions. In this Human Talk, Dinesh Bolkensteyn presents a talk about compilers. Check out the events page and the slides here.

Devoxx: 11-15 November 2013 in Antwerp (Belgium)

Belgium expects 3,450 Devoxxians and just as many happy SonarQube users :-)! SonarSource is planning to have an important delegation present at the event, and we’re looking forward to meeting everyone there. If you’d like to meet in person with us, please contact us or send us a tweet @sonarsource! To register for the event, click here.

Oredev: 4-8 November 2013 in Malmö (Sweden)

As part of the conference, the authors of “SonarQube in Action” -Patroklos Papatreou and G. Ann Campbell- will lead a one-day course on the subject of “Mastering Continuous Inspection with SonarQube”. This hands-on workshop will cover the core concepts of source code quality and how to eventually adopt continuous inspection in any software development lifecycle, using SonarQube. To register for the workshop, please visit the conference website here.

Softshake: 24-25 October 2013 in Geneva (Switzerland)

SonarSource is very happy to be the Cider Sponsor of the upcoming Soft-Shake event based in Geneva. So what’s a Soft-Shake? We’ll be talking about Agile, Java, Microsoft, Mobile, and of course: Continuous software quality! Olivier Gaudin and Freddy Mallet will showcase the agile development of SonarQube: 5 years, 500 releases, in 50 minutes! Check out all the conference details here.

International Workshop on Managing Technical Debt: 9 October 2013 in Baltimore (USA)

Olivier Gaudin, CEO & Co-Founder of SonarSource will make his presentation on the theme “Take Control of Technical Debt with SonarQube and SQALE”, and will explain and show how to put under control the incoming flow of technical debt using this platform and method. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity and register here.