Continuous Inspection


Want to talk about SonarQube or Continuous Inspection? You can find us sponsoring and speaking at conferences around the world. See below a list of upcoming and recent events that can be of interest:

Amadeus’s Global Technical Forum: 26 November 2015 in Nice/Sophia-Antipolis (FR)

During this three-hour forum of interesting technical topics organized by Amadeus in Nice, you will also have a chance to hear our co-founder Olivier Gaudin speak on how to reduce technical debt.

Codeurs En Seine 2015: 26 November 2015 in Rouen (FR)

SonarSource is happy to sponsor Codeurs en Seine, a free 1-day conference covering the topics of Agile, Java, Web and Innovation. More information is available on the conference website

Joker 2015: 16-17 October 2015 in Saint Petersburg (RU)

SonarSource’s Evgeny Mandrikov will be speaking at the main Java conference in Russia about SonarQube and about mutation testing. More information about the event can be found here:

ISCLP Conference 2015: 13-14 October 2015 in Toulouse (FR)

SonarSource’s Freddy Mallet will be speaking at the ISCLP conference hosted by the French Government Defense agency (DGA) about the way to track any new maintainability, reliability or security issue on a daily basis with SonarQube. More information about the event can be found here.

SonarQube User Conference: 23-24 September 2015 in Geneva (CH)

The 1st European SonarQube User Conference is happening in Switzerland! We have tons of interesting topics to cover during those 2 days so be sure to check out the details in our blog and take a look at the agenda here.

Jug Summer Camp: 18 September 2015 in La Rochelle (FR)

SonarSource is happy to be one of the sponsors of the 6th edition of Jug Summer Camp, a yearly reason for Java developers to gather in La Rochelle. More information on this free conference, including the detailed agenda can already be found on

BreizhCamp 2015: 10-12 June 2015 in Rennes (FR)

It is our pleasure to be one of the sponsors of BreizhCamp! It is also a good opportunity to share and receive knowledge. Some of the presentations of this year’s conference have been uploaded already and can be found at

SonarSource Customer Conference: 10 June 2015 in Paris (FR)

Did you wish you would have been able to join our last conference at the end of April but were not able to make it all the way out to California? Then we have great news for you! We are holding a one-day conference for our French-speaking customers in Paris on June 10th! More details and instructions for signing up here:

Microsoft Build: April 29-May 1 in San Francisco, CA (US)

We were delighted to be part of and speak at this year’s build that among many other interesting topics also announced the TFS/SonarQube integration. The build’s official website:

SonarQube User Conference: 27 April 2015 in Santa Clara (US)

This one-day event in sunny California is a unique chance for us to meet our users and for you to provide feedback on the product and to hear where we are going. We hope you’ll be able to join us! Do not miss your chance to attend and learn from the founders, as the seats are filling up fast! Find more details and instructions for signing up here:

Devoxx France: 8-10 April 2015 in Paris (FR)

1,800 guests and 200 speakers make Devoxx France one of the largest French-speaking Java conferences in the world – 75% of the talks are in French. As in earlier years, SonarSource is delighted to be one of the event’s “Meet & Greet” sponsors! More information and tickets here:

Software Quality Days: 20-22 January 2015 in Vienna (AT)

As part of this conference focused on software quality, Olivier Gaudin will make a presentation on “Continuous Inspection of Software”. To learn about latest trends, best practice methods and processes, register to the event here:

Agile Breakfast #17: 17 December 2014 in Geneva (CH)

At this Agile Breakfast organized by Pyxis, Freddy Mallet will be speaking on the topic “Continuous Inspection: A Paradigm Shift in the Management of Technical Debt”. The event is free of charge, however, registration is required. Find more information here:

Codeurs en Seine: 27 November 2014 in Rouen (FR)

SonarSource is happy to sponsor Codeurs en Seine, a 1-day conference in Rouen built around the topics of Agile, Java, Web and Innovation. The programme and speaker details are already available on the conference website:

Clean Code Days: 11-12 November 2014 in Münich (DE)

Learn about the benefits of Clean Code at the next Clean Code days in November in Münich. A session on Continuous Inspection with SonarQube is also planned, courtesy of SonarSource CEO Olivier Gaudin. Registration details and the full agenda are available at

Devoxx Belgium: 10-14 November 2014 in Antwerp (BE)

With more than 3’500 participants and 200 speakers, Devoxx Belgium is one of the biggest Java conference in the world. It’s also an annual tradition for the SonarSource team to attend the event and this year we are also happy to be a “Meet & Greet” sponsor! More information at

SonarSource US Tour: 27-30 October 2014 in Atlanta, Washington, Boston and New-York (US)

These SonarSource User Conferences take place in various cities across the US and provide a setting to exchange about SonarQube, continuous inspection and other software quality topics. It features presentations from MFS Investments, Department of Defense and The Vanguard Group.

Soft-Shake’14: 23-24 October 2014 in Geneva (CH)

Soft-Shake features 2 days of conferences on more than 10 main topics including Agile, Java and Functional programming. SonarSource supports this conference in Geneva through both sponsorship and presentations around continuous inspection with SonarQube. For more details, please visit