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SonarQube 6.0 Released

SonarSource is very pleased to announce the release of SonarQube 6.0!
The main features and noteworthy of this 6.0 version are (see “SonarQube 6.0 in Screenshots” for more details):
  • SonarQube detects when a file has been renamed or moved
    • The status of existing issues on such files is correctly kept
    • As a consequence, the Leak period now shows only real new issues on which you should focus
  • Redesign of the Quality Profiles space
    • Highlight of deprecated rules, unused profiles and non-activated new rules
    • Purpose is to help you make sure your quality profiles are not outdated
  • Redesign of the permissions page
    • Filter on users/groups and on permissions, manage all permissions on the same screen
    • New concept of “Project Creator” for permission templates
  • New “My Account > Projects” page
    • List all the projects for which you have administration rights

And obviously as usual, this version comes with lots of bug fixes and other small improvements.

Please read the releases notes and the upgrade notes very carefully.
Download is available at