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SonarLint for Command Line 2.0 Released

SonarSource is pleased to announce the release of SonarLint for Command Line version 2.0.

This new version brings the connected mode: SonarLint can now use the same configuration as the projects analyzed on your SonarQube instance.

First, quality profile and rules that are used by the SonarQube instance are now retrieved and used by SonarLint.

Secondly, custom rules written on top of the existing analyzers like Java or JavaScript are now supported in SonarLint. However, the plugins that embed those rules must first be updated to use the latest API and then deployed on the SonarQube instance.

Third, file and issue exclusions configured on the SonarQube instance are now also applied by SonarLint.

On top of those improvements, SonarLint also enhances the reports that are generated with the description of the rules mentioned in the report.

The Java, JavaScript and PHP embedded analyzers are updated to new versions, which brings the following new rules and improvements:

Java Language

JavaScript Language

For more information, have a look to the release note or visit SonarLint for Command Line web site.

Have fun with SonarLint !