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SonarQube Governance 1.0 Released

SonarSource is pleased to announce the release of the Governance product version 1.0.

The Governance product provides the features to gear-up SonarQube from team-grade deployment to enterprise-grade deployment. It comes as the solution to organize and manage a portfolio of projects and make informed decision based on four key indicators: releasability, maintainability, reliability and security.

The Governance product benefits from the power of the new Quality Model introduced in the last SonarQube 5.6 LTS as it draws bugs and security vulnerabilities out of the mass of maintainability issues to clearly highlight projects risk, while retaining the calculation of technical debt. Its main features are the following:

  • Manage portfolio of projects into any kind of hierarchy tree(s). Projects can be grouped by applications, applications by team, teams by department, and so on.


  • Governance Dashboard: Aggregate all projects data into a single dashboard and get daily, weekly, monthly reports of all your projects in one click.


  • Send report to executive by email in PDF “on demand” anytime


  • Risk Management which allows to pinpoint areas that need a closer look and decisions to be taken.


  • Move projects across instances of SonarQube project history and merge two instances of SonarQube.


  • Configure analysis model allowing organizations to determine the time needed to fix breaches.

The Governance product comes as part of our Enterprise Edition. Please, read the release notes for more information. You can install or update it via the Update Center.

Trial version and documentation are available on the product page.