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SonarQube 5.5 Released

SonarSource is very pleased to announce the release of SonarQube 5.5!
The main features and noteworthy of this 5.5 version are (see “SonarQube 5.5 in Screenshots” for more details):
  • New SonarQube Quality Model with 3 characteristics, based on new issue types
    • “Reliability” characteristic, based on “bugs”
    • “Security” characteristic, based on “vulnerabilities”
    • “Maintainability” characteristic, based on “code smells”
    • Purpose is to highlight operational risk while remaining committed to manage the technical debt of the code (the default quality gate highlights
  • The “old” measure drilldown page is replaced by a brand new “Measures” project page
    • More usable and reactive
    • Offers various visualizations (Treemaps, Bubble charts, Timelines) on top of drilldown capability
  • Increased vertical scalability, performances and stability of the platform
    • Report processing by the Compute Engine (i.e. background tasks) is now done in a dedicated process
    • This processing can be multi-threaded to increase the throughput of the Compute Engine
And obviously as usual, this version comes with lots of bug fixes and other small improvements.

Please read the releases notes and the upgrade notes very carefully.
Download is available at