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SonarQube C/C++/Objective C 3.11 Released

SonarSource is pleased to announce the release of the C/C++/Objective-C plugin version 3.11.

This new version embeds a new powerful symbolic execution engine allowing to do some path-sensitive data flow analysis on C code. The following 4 advanced bug detection rules are based on this new engine :


The following 11 additional rules are also part of this new version :

Moreover, all rules are now benefiting from the SonarQube precise issue location mechanism. In the past the overall line containing an issue was underlined whereas with this version only the involved piece of code (like a method call, parameter name, …)  is underlined.

And finally, in a constant effort to handle header files as any other source files, syntax highlighting is available on header files and the metrics ‘Lines Of Code’ and ‘Comment Lines’ are computed on them.

Please read the release notes for more information. You can install or update it via the Update Center.

Trial version and documentation are available on the C/C++ and Objective-C product pages.